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NOTE: OFN is presently accepting free advertisements with no strings attached. You give us an ad and we upload it on our website. As simple as that. You are not obliged to pay anything. However, we’d be delighted if you choose to make a donation of any amount, even Rs 10. Every rupee will keep our website running. Thanks.

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Online Free Notes is an educational blog that was launched in February 2019 and presently registers more than 3 lakh page views per month and is rapidly growing. OFN is focused on catering to the needs of the students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE), Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA), and boards following the NCERT syllabus. We’re inviting you to use OFN to build your brand quickly, especially among the youths.


Homepage refers to the front page of the website. This is the page where a visitor lands when they type on the browser or opens the OFN app. In this category, the ads only appear on one page, i.e., the home page.

NBSE branch (NBSE Page + Classes Pages + Subjects Pages) refers to all the pages related to NBSE including class 9, class 10, class 11, and class 12. In this category, the ads appear on a large number of pages. These pages include all subjects available on our blog except Mathematics, Grammar and Science.

SEBA branch (SEBA Page + Classes Pages + Subjects Pages) refers to all the pages related to NBSE including class 9 and class 10. In this category, the ads appear on a large number of pages. These pages include all subjects available on our blog except Mathematics and Science.

NCERT branch (NCERT Page + Classes Pages + Subjects Pages) refers to all the pages that are common to NBSE, SEBA branches but not included in the above two categories. These include Science, Mathematics, Grammar.

You can always choose more than one category to reach out to your audience.

Why choose OFN to advertise

i. OFN is purely focused on students and therefore mainly used by students or parents of students, or teachers.

ii. OFN enjoys a monopoly in Nagaland as this is the only educational blog of its kind in the state for now. Further, in related keywords on Google, OFN almost every time appears on the first pages both in Nagaland and Assam.

iii. Between 50,000 thousand to 70,000 visitors visit OFN every month at least once. Many visit the site several times a day. If unique visits and repeat visits are considered together, the number of visits crosses one lakh per month.

iv. The number of page views presently the site registers exceeds 3 lakhs. When it comes to the number of visitors from Nagaland visiting a particular site, OFN perhaps has one of the highest numbers in the state.

v. We are expecting the numbers to only grow further as such has been the trend over the months and years.

OFN could be an excellent platform to create brand awareness and awareness about schemes, offers and everything else that revolve around students. In addition to the fact, the minimal rates for advertisements on the platform and the flexibility it provides to curate ads according to any budget should make OFN the perfect place to reach out to students. Because of the type of visitors visiting OFN, advertising on OFN is a far better and effective option than choosing Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

Another advantage that OFN has over newspapers which are seen as the first and sometimes the only choice to create awareness about a brand is that, unlike Newspapers, the ads on OFN is not a one-day affair despite being a cheaper and better option. The ads will be displayed at least a week which is very important to create familiarity with brands in the eyes of the people which sometimes is not possible with newspapers as doing so through newspapers needs a far bigger budget.

Besides the three different categories of ad slots, we are also exploring possibilities to put ads on chapters pages, PDFs and eBooks in the days to come that constitute a great part of OFN.

We highly recommend trying out OFN. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

Further details

i. Advertising on OFN is cost-effective and can be done with as low as Rs 100 for an entire week.

ii. Each page mentioned in the chart can contain a maximum of three ads. You can choose to put one, two or even three ads. Rs 200 per week is for one ad space, for two it’ll be Rs 400 and for three it’ll be Rs 600.

iii. The reservation can be made for one week, two weeks, four weeks and 16 weeks. For consecutive reservation for two weeks, you’ll get a discount of 10%, for four weeks, a discount of 20% and for 16 weeks, a discount of 40%.

iv. The rates for ads are for banner ads (rectangular) having the length 1000 pixels and height 300 pixels, in the ratio 10:3.

Sample advertisement

v. The ads can be just images or images that will be linked to your website so that once a user clicks on them, he/she is redirected to the relevant content on your website. In case you don’t have a website and want us to write for you an article related to the advertisement and offers and host the article on our website, that can also be done with an additional cost.

vi. It is recommended for better exposure that you should also advertise on NCERT pages along with NBSE/SEBA pages. Ads on Science, Mathematics, and Grammar pages will only include in the NCERT chart as they are the same for NBSE, SEBA, and other boards. Thus, ads on these pages will be viewed by students/parents/teachers from all the boards alike.

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