British colonization

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Here’s a short summary of the British colonization of the Naga Hills, which is a part of the syllabus for students of class 10 under Nagaland Board of School Education.

QUESTION: Write a short note on the British colonization of the Naga Hills.

Answer: In the 19th century, Great Britain had become the most powerful nation in the world. It was in 1832 when two British captains, Francis Jenkins, and R.B. Pemberton travelled through Angami territory with a party of 700 soldiers and 800 coolies in search of a route between Manipur in Assam.

The British Authorities at Calcutta were reluctant to invade the Naga Hills because of its dense forests and bad communications. But when the British came to know that the King of Manipur was in favour of extending his kingdom over the Naga tribes, the British became cautious. This compelled the British to enter into the Naga areas. After this, the British led various expeditions but were not successful. But the Nagas never forgot what the British had done to them. They decided to take revenge and throughout the 19th century, there was constant fighting. All these caused the British to decide to use their superior forces to annex the Naga areas to their empire.

The Nagas fought bravely to defend their fatherland but their weapons were no match for the technologically superior British weapons. The British formed a new district known as Naga Hills in 1866. This became a district of Assam.

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