We’re paying Rs 200 each to 5 students at the end of May

informal letter

All you have to do is note down the PAYMENT ID (eg. MOJO0501O00D52542323) which appears after you buy any eGuide from onlinefreenotes.com (instamojo.com/onlinefreenotes). You can also find the PAYMENT ID in the email ID you use to buy any guide.

At the end of MAY, we will select 5 PAYMENT IDs at random and transfer the money after confirming the email ID and phone number.

The Rs 200 is a help to the students towards their school tuition fee.

Also, starting from MAY, if you purchase any eGuide from us, and we make new editions of the same book (like adding extra questions, correcting mistakes etc.) in future, you are eligible to get a free copy of the updated book. You just need to mention your PAYMENT ID of the book purchased. To know which book we have updated, please keep checking this page.

To know if you’ve been chosen for the Rs 200 grant, keep visiting this page and check if your PAYMENT ID is there. If you buy more than one book, we’ll include all your PAYMENT IDs. We’ll update the PAYMENT IDs of the selected students in the first week of June. However, if you haven’t purchased a book but received a copy of any of our eGuide from someone else, you are not eligible for the grants.

This is only applicable for the students buying eGuides in the month of MAY. We’ll make our visitors know if we continue this initiative at the end of MAY through our website.

We want to clear that buying an eGuide is optional. You can get the same notes on our website onlinefreenotes.com for free. We are also not discouraging anyone to buy eGuides from us and distribute them to many.

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