Earning Students Project

Earning Students Project (ESP) is an initiative of OFN where students can contribute study materials/answers/notes of different subjects for classes 9 to 12 and earn money as compensation. If you are a student or teacher or any other, you can work from home and earn money. It can be seen as an online part-time job for students, teachers, and others.

Who can contribute?

The project has been specifically designed for students but teachers or any other person who wants to earn money can contribute to it.

How much will be paid for each chapter?

While there is no fixed amount for each chapter submitted, we usually pay Rs 2/objective answer, Rs 3/very short answer, Rs 4/short to medium answer, Rs 5/long answer.

Do the answers need to be typed?

Yes, the answers need to be typed. We cannot accept pictures of handwritten notes. If you don’t have a computer, there’s nothing to worry about. Download in your mobile ‘Simplenote App’ and type your answers there. Once you have written all the answers, copy them and paste in the email body and send us the email. You can also connect a USB keyboard with your mobile phone using an OTG or connect a wireless keyboard using Bluetooth and type your answers fast.

Interested? Send an email to notestoeditor@gmail.com