SEBA Class 10 First Flight (first language, English): questions and answers

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SEBA Class 10 First Flight (first language, English)

Get summaries, questions, answers, solutions, notes, PDF of SEBA Class 10 First Flight (first language, English textbook) which is part of the syllabus of Class 10 students studying under Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA). These solutions, however, should be only treated as references and can be modified/changed. Please select the subject/chapter and proceed.

SEBA Class 10 First Flight (English, first language): Dust of Snow

INTRODUCTION: The short poem “Dust of Snow” by Robert Frost illuminates the unfathomable healing power of nature and small things. A crow’s movement near a hemlock tree powdered snow on him on one of these dreadful days. He is immediately delighted by the snow. His day significantly improves. As a result of nature’s overall supremacy, he realised how insignificant his problem was.

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SEBA Class 10 First Flight (English, first language): How to Tell Wild Animals

INTRODUCTION: In the poet How to Tell Wild Animals, the poet describes various wild animals in an intriguing and mysterious manner. These animals are extremely dangerous, but the poetess is introducing them one by one in a hilarious manner. First, she tells us about the Asian lion. She claims that if we go to the eastern jungles and see an animal with tawny skin that roars, we will die of terror and it means we’ve come across an Asian lion. She then described the Bengal Tiger as a royal animal that attacks and kills a man in an instant. She jokes that if this beautiful black-striped animal kills and eats us, we’ve definitely met a Bengal tiger.

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SEBA Class 10 First Flight (English, first language): A Baker from Goa

INTRODUCTION: The story “A Baker from Goa” is about the importance of bakers in Goan culture, which dates back to the city of Goa’s Portuguese control. Although the Portuguese are no longer in Goa, the bread bakers will always have a role in the history of the state. In this story, the author recalls his childhood and the delight he and his companions had when they saw the baker. They were overjoyed and would rush to him as soon as they awakened, even before brushing their teeth.

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SEBA Class 10 First Flight (English, first language): The Trees

INTRODUCTION: As the title suggests, the poem is about trees. It describes how humans have destroyed forests and cut down trees for personal gain. Humans have confined trees to the four walls of their homes to meet their needs. Because trees live in the forest, keeping them inside the home is a crime, according to the poetess. The poem’s message is that everyone yearns for freedom. We must obey nature’s laws rather than attempt to overthrow them.

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SEBA Class 10 First Flight (English, first language): For Anne Gregory

INTRODUCTION: The poet addresses young Gregory in the poem “For Anne Gregory,” telling her that her hair is the same hue as honey and that, as it falls out, the poet begins to believe she is under a beauty enchantment. Her hair is so lovely that every man is smitten by her. At this point, Gregory responds to the poet by saying that men adore her simply for her outer attractiveness, which can change at any time. 

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SEBA Class 10 First Flight (English, first language): The Proposal

INTRODUCTION: The Proposal is a one-act play about a young man named Lomov who intends to propose to his neighbour’s daughter. But, before he could do that, they have an argument about Oxen Meadows. Chubukov, the girl’s father, also joins the heated debate. They then have another argument about which of their dogs is superior to the other. The proposal is forgotten in the midst of all of this until Lomov collapses from palpitations and Chubukov immediately places her daughter’s hands in Lomov’s. Regrettably, the squabbles continue.

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