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FREE user (Rs 0)REGISTERED user (Rs 99 per year)
Few extra questions/answersMore extra questions/answers
Few exercise questions/answersAll exercise questions/answers
Cannot copy answersCan copy answers
No notes in PDFNotes in PDF for free (chapter wise)
Grammar not availableGrammar available (to be added soon)
Extras, grammar, new subjects and classes are being added and everything will not be available at once right now to the REGISTERED users, but as we keep updating and adding to the website, REGISTERED users will continue to have access to the new additions.

**PDF and PDF Guides are two different things. Registered users can download each chapter in PDF format, however, PDF Guides are guide books of all the chapters together in a book form and need to be purchased, if needed, separately both for registered and unregistered users.

What do we do with the REGISTRATION fee?

As you know, running requires expenses and when you register, you not only get access to more features but also help us keep the website running. Here are some of the expenses that are associated with the website, which the REGISTRATION fee helps us cover:

  • Buying books
  • Paying hosting fee
  • Paying domain fee
  • Paying for maintainence of the website
  • Paying to the teachers who write the answers for you all
  • Paying to the freelancers
  • Buying stationaries and more