NBSE Class 10 Alternative English 2020 Question Paper (Old)

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Disclaimer: The given Class 10 Alternative English 2020 question paper has been sourced from NBSE


Total marks : 80 || Time : 3 hours

General Instructions:

I. Approximately 15 minutes are allotted to read the question paper and revise the answers.
II. The question paper consists of 22 questions. All questions are compulsory.
III. Internal choice has been provided in some questions.
IV. Marks allocated to every question are indicated against it.

N.B: Check that all pages of the question paper are complete as indicated on the top left side.

Unit – I (Reading)

1. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

Mushroom cultivation has a long history with over twenty species commercially cultivated. Mushrooms are cultivated in at least 60 countries with China, the United States, Netherlands, France and Poland being the top five producers.

A fraction of the many fungi consumed by humans are currently cultivated and sold commercially. Commercial cultivation is important ecologically, as there have been concerns of depletion of larger fungi such as ‘chanterelles’ in Europe possibly because the group has grown popular, yet remains a challenge to cultivate.

Some species are difficult to cultivate; others (particularly ‘mycorrhizal’ species) have not yet been successfully cultivated. Some of these species are harvested from the wild and can be found in markets. When in season, they can be purchased fresh, and many species are sold dried as well.

Medicinal mushrooms are mushrooms or extracts from mushrooms that are thought to be treatments for diseases, yet remain unconfirmed in mainstream science and medicine, and so are not approved as drugs or medical treatments. Such use of mushrooms thus falls into the domain of traditional medicine.

a. What are mushrooms known as in scientific terms? (1)

i) Fungi
ii) Chanterelle
iii) traditional medicine

b. What are medicinal mushrooms? (1)

c. How are mushrooms sold in the markets? (1)

d. State whether the following are true or false: (4 x1⁄2=2)

i. There are only ten species of mushroom cultivated commercially.
ii. Mushrooms are approved as drugs.
iii. Some species of mushroom are difficult to cultivate.
iv. India is among the top five producers of mushroom.

2. Read the poem and answer the questions that follow:

To Blossoms

Fair pledges of a fruitful tree,
Why do ye fall so fast?
Your date is not so past,
But you may stay yet here awhile
To blush and gently smile,
And go at last.

What were ye born to be
An hour or half’s delight?
And so to bid good night?
T’was pity Nature brought ye forth
Merely to show your worth
And lost you quite.

But you are lovely, where we
May read how soon things have,
Their end, though ne’er so brave:
And after they have shown their pride.
Like you awhile, they glide
Into the grave. (Robert Herrick)

On the basis of your reading of the poem, complete the sentences that follow: (1×5=5)

a. The poet calls the flowers __________
b. The poet feels sorry that __________
c. The flowers have a short span of life. We know this from the line, ‘ __________’

Choose the correct answer from the given options:

d. Choose the correct answer from the given options:

i) A book where one can read how things have their end.
ii) A tree where one can see beauty all around.
iii) A book where one can get knowledge.

e. Fair pledges mean-

i) Beautiful leaves
ii) Beautiful flowers
iii) Beautiful promises

Unit – II (Writing and Applied Grammar)

3. a. Develop a story using hints given below: (6)
Lipok at the railway station- seeing off his friend- saw a little girl crying- obviously lost- calmed her down- took her to information counter- asked to announce in public address system- little girl’s mother appeared- happily reunited.


b. Script a dialogue in about 150-200 words between two teachers sharing details about an educational tour for their students during the winter break.

4. Write a newspaper report on ‘Saving our culture and tradition’ in about 150-200 words. (6)

5. Choose the correct form of adjectives:(2×1=2)

a. Chinget is the _____ boy in the class.

i) Strongest
ii) Stronger
iii) Strong
iv) Most strongest

b. Yanren is _____ than Ali.

i) Intelligent
ii) Most intelligent
iii) More intelligent
iv) Very intelligent

6. Change the Voice:(2×1=2)

a. Doctors will use the knowledge to find some solution.
b. The fences were destroyed by the wind.

7. Choose the right clause to complete the sentences:(2×1=2)

a. The young girl knew __________.

i) who the celebrity was.
ii) which the celebrity was.
ii) whom the celebrity was.

b. __________ was a mystery.

i) Where the thief entered the house.
ii) What the thief entered the house.
iii) How the thief entered the house.

8. Complete the sentences as directed in the brackets: (2×1=2)

a. The Red House did not respond for the race; _____ (likewise/thus/then) they disqualified. (Choose the correct conjunction)

b. Kevi is very fond _____ (for, off, of) coffee. (Choose the correct preposition)

Unit – III (Literature)

9. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given:(10×1=10)

a. Whose idea was it to build a bookcase in front of the entrance of the annex?

i) Mr. Koopius
ii) Mr. Kraler
iii) Peter
iv) Pim

b. What did the residents in the annex receive for Christmas?

i) Smelly cabbages
ii) A sack of potatoes
iii) A Christmas cake
iv) Extra quarter pound of butter

c. Why were the tummies of Toshi and his friends bloated?

i) Because of hunger
ii) Because of eating wild fruits
iii) Because of the smelly vehicle exhaust
iv) Because of malnutrition and worms

d. How did Pasteur weaken the rabies microbe?

i) By using microbes which were less virulent from dogs.
ii) By injecting it into a region of the brain called medulla.
iii) By letting the infected medulla sit in a sterile solution for several days.
iv) By grinding the rabies microbes and injecting them into healthy animals.

e. What were the two men struggling to hold?

i) A crazed bulldog
ii) A crazed rabbit
iii) A crazed buffalo
iv) A stray dog

f. What did Dr. Barnard’s father show him when he was a small boy?

i) A photograph of his brother
ii) A half eaten moldy biscuit
iii) A stethoscope
iv) A hospital

g. What is the father’s dream in ‘The Ambitious Guest’?

i) To live in a big city and be wealthy
ii) To live in a small town and be wealthy
iii) To live in a small town and be well-respected
iv) To live in a big city and be well-respected

h. What is the barrier between day and day according to William Wordsworth?

i) Night
ii) Morning
iii) Afternoon
iv) Evening

i. What is the cry for ‘Peace’ met with according to Lhusi Haralu?

i) Mockery
ii) Peace
iii) Love
iv) Strength

j. Whose bellies jiggle like slow tambourines?

i) Activists
ii) Old folks
iii) Caged birds
iv) Children

Answer the following questions in about 20-25 words:(5×2=10)

10. How did Anne Frank plan to take revenge on Mr. Dussel? (The Diary of a Young Girl)

11. Why did Anne Frank walk to the dentist? (The Diary of a Young Girl)

12. What were Toshi and his friends doing while the Americans were trying to go to the Moon?

13. What is Lhusi Haralu asking God on behalf of her countrymen? (Prayer of the Meek)

14. What inspired Rabindranath Tagore to compose music? (Closed Path)

Answer the following questions in about 40-45 words: (5×4=20)

15. ‘They have spent their content of simpering, holding their lips this and that way, winding the lines between their brows.’(Old Folks Laugh)

a) Who is ‘they’ here? (1)
b) Why do they pretend? (3)

16. What does William Wordsworth tell ‘sleep’ in the poem, ‘To Sleep’? Why is the poet pleading ‘sleep’ to come to him (2+2=4)

17. Describe the young man in the story, ‘The Ambitious Guest’. Why does the author call him an ‘ambitious guest’? (2+2=4)

18. a. What were the views of Dr. Barnard’s father on suffering? Why couldn’t Dr. Barnard agree with his father’s views? (2+2=4)


b. Write four similarities that Toshi and his friends shared with the natives depicted in the film, ‘The God’s Must be Crazy’.

19. How is life in the outside world? Do you think the people inside the Annex had a better life? (The Diary of a Young Girl)(2+2=4)

Read the lines and answer the questions that follow:

20. ‘This morning I was going through the old pages of my diary. I was shocked to see everything that I’d written about Mother.’ (The Diary of a Young Girl)

a. What was Anne ashamed about when she read the pages of her diary? (3)
b. What is the difference between Anne’s mother and father, according to Anne? (2)

21. ‘I wonder if they will even exist for my children to see.’ (Speech by Severn Suzuki)

a. What is Severn referring ‘they’ to? (2)
b. For whom is she speaking at the Rio summit? Why? (3)


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