SEBA Class 10 English (Second): Questions, answers, summaries, notes

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class 10 english

Get solutions, questions, answers, notes, MCQs, pdf of all the chapters of SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language) First Flight (prose) for students studying under the Assam Board. Click on the link mentioned under each chapter to get the answers to that chapter. However, the notes should be treated as references and can be changed/modified according to the needs.

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): A Letter to God

INTRODUCTION: As a farmer, Lencho was dedicated and passionate about his work. For him, a good crop was in the offing. An unwelcome hailstorm decimated all of his crops. Consequently, Lencho was depressed. He was a devout believer in God’s existence. His faith in God’s protection remained unwavering throughout the awful experience. He thus wrote a letter to God asking from Him one hundred pesos. He dropped it in the mailbox and went back to work.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of A Letter to God

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

INTRODUCTION: Nelson Mandela embarked on a journey that would lead to a new, more democratic form of government in South Africa after apartheid ended. Mandela describes the day he became South Africa’s first black president and the international leaders who had come to celebrate the change that was now blowing over his country in this short text, Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): Coorg (Glimpses of India I)

INTRODUCTION: The gorgeous region of Coorg is the subject of Lokesh Abrol’s essay, Coorg, as the title suggests. The author describes the beauty of this charming little hill station in the southern state of Karnataka. The author paints a vivid picture of the people and scenery of Coorg, describing it as a welcoming and energising destination for visitors from all walks of life. The pristine natural surroundings, combined with the beautiful, brave, and welcoming people, truly make Coorg heaven on earth.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of Coorg

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): Tea from Assam (Glimpses of India II)

INTRODUCTION: The chapter “Tea from Assam” is written by Arup Kumar Datta, who was born in Jorhat in the year 1946. In this chapter, he talks about two friends, one is an Assamese (Pranjal) and the other (Rajvir) is his classmate from Delhi where they study together. They decide to visit Assam during the summer vacation and it is when Rajvir gets mesmerised by seeing the tea gardens. He also learns a lot of things about tea from his friend during the journey.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of Tea from Assam

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): Madam Rides the Bus

INTRODUCTION: Madam Rides the Bus, by Vallikkannan, follows a young girl named Valliammai or Valli on a bus ride from her village to a town and back. Vallikkannan’s fluid writing allows the reader to identify with the eight-year-old’s emotions as she takes in the new sights and sounds. The story begins with Valliammai, an inquisitive eight-year-old who enjoyed watching the busy street in front of her house. Valli’s interest was piqued by the bus journey between her village and the town.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of Madam Rides the Bus

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): A Tiger in the Zoo

INTRODUCTION: Leslie Norris’ poem describes the agony and helplessness of a caged tiger living in a zoo. The poet describes what his life would have been like if he had been a free animal. The poet attempted to explain the plight of animals caged by humans for their own amusement.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of A Tiger in the Zoo

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): Amanda

INTRODUCTION: The protagonist, Amanda, is a little girl who is continuously badgered by her mother, who does all in her power to push Amanda to establish good habits. As her mother continues to lecture her with counsel and dictums, Amanda is pulled deeper into her daydreams. Amanda flees into her thoughts, seeing herself in a free world free of her mother’s relentless nagging.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of Amanda

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): Animals

INTRODUCTION: The poet Walt Whitman expresses his admiration for animals in his poem ‘Animals’. He says that they are calm and self-satisfied, without being obsessed with the desire to own this or that. He wonders if the animals picked up these characteristics from where man dropped them carelessly aeons ago. It implies that man has lost his true nature somewhere along the way.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of Animals

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): The Ball Poem

INTRODUCTION: This poem is about the pain of losing something we care about and then learning to go on. It’s about a young boy who, for the first time in his life, is learning what it’s like to be sad after losing a prized possession, his ball. Losing a ball may seem insignificant to us. This, however, is not the case for a small child. With a small sum of money, one can obtain a second ball.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of The Ball Poem

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): Tale of Custard the Dragon

INTRODUCTION: Ogden Nash’s poem tells the story of Custard, a cowardly dragon who is picked on and mocked by all the other residents of the house. This went on for a while until one night a real pirate climbed up through the window, and it was Custard who stepped up to the plate and finished the pirate.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of Tale of Custard the Dragon

SEBA Class 10 English (Second Language): Footprints Without Feet

INTRODUCTION: The plot revolves around Griffin, a scientist who developed a drug that could turn any naked man invisible. He made the decision to use this drug to exact vengeance on his landlord. To get away, he set fire to his landlord’s house and drank the drug. Griffin could have used the drug to help others, but instead, he used it to cause chaos, according to the story.

Summary/questions/answers/extras of Footprints Without Feet

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