Looking for a perfect place to advertise your business, service, or product particularly in Nagaland? OFN is the answer. How are we claiming this?

  • OFN is the only true educational website/blog focusing on students of class 9, class 10, class 11, class 12 under Nagaland Board of School Education.
  • Everyday, 2,000 to 5,000 visitors visit OFN and opens 2 to 3 pages/posts. So, page views everyday stays between 6,000 to 15,000 for now.
  • Of all the visitors visiting OFN, 60% to 70% are from Nagaland alone, so, you can be assured that your products, services, businesses will be seen majorly by people from Nagaland.
  • Almost all of our visitors are students and teachers, so, OFN is a great platform for advertisements related to educational institutes, coaching centres, entertainment, and anything where young people are the target group.
Why we are doing promotion for free?

As part our commitment to promote businesses, professionals, institutes, and start-ups based in Nagaland, we are keeping a few of the high engagement pages reserved particularly for Nagaland based ads. Ads on these pages will be be absolutely free for a stretch of one week per ad. However, we can only only display one ad on each page for a week. So, in case there are multiple applicants, the final decision of allotment of ad spaces to businesses will be ours.

Pages reserved for free ads

The following pages are reserved for free ads:

The free ads space will be allotted for one week for each advertiser. If you want to continue showing your ads even after the expiry of your week, please consider our Premium Ads Plan.

We, however, reserve the right to not entertain any ad that we might feel is inappropriate for our audience.

Premium Ads Plan

OFN consists of hundreds of pages/posts where ads can be displayed. If you want absolute reach and display your ads wherever a visitor might land, consider our Premium Ads Plan. Yes, the above mentioned five pages have high engagements, but you can only imagine how much impact your brand would make if your ads are displayed on every page/post including the above mentioned pages. Our Premium plan costs only Rs 1500 per month, that’s as cheap as Rs 50 per day.

For advertisement, DM on our social media accounts or send us an email.

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