Frequently Asked Questions

Please select your queries from the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and see the suggested solutions.

Q. How to see missing answers?

A. The missing answers are only available to registered users. You can register yourself by clicking on this link: Register

Q. Why ask for Rs 199 when the name is Online Free Notes?

A. 70% of all contents on OFN are absolutely free. However, running requires expenses and when you register, you not only get access to more features but also help us keep the website running. Here are some of the expenses that your REGISTRATION fee helps us cover:

  • Buying books
  • Paying hosting fee
  • Paying domain fee
  • Paying for maintenance of the website
  • Paying to the teachers who write the answers for you all
  • Paying the freelancers
  • Buying stationaries and more
Q. I have recently paid the registration fee. Why I am not getting the notes still?

A. This could mean three things:

  • First, make sure you have filled out this form after you made the payment. Generally, after making a payment, you automatically get redirected to this form. If something went wrong and you didn’t see the form after making the payment, use the link mentioned and fill out the form. You don’t need to pay again.
  • Second, your account is under review. We manually check the payments and the forms filled, and once we make sure that the payment made and the form filled is by the same person, we approve the account. The approval might take from a few minutes to up to an hour. Keep checking your email for the approval message.
  • Third, you are not logged in. Once your account is approved and you receive the confirmation email, log in to your account.
Q. How to log in?

A. Just go to the login page and insert your email address and password that you set during registration

Q. Cannot log in. Why showing the “password incorrect”?

A. If you are a registered user and not able to log in, it could mean four things:

  • You are literally typing an incorrect email address or password.
  • Your account has expired after the completion of one year and you need to register again.
  • Your account is under review and you need to wait for some time.
  • Your account is rejected because we could not confirm your payment of the registration fee.
Q. How to solve the “incorrect password” error?

A. If you are a registered user, to solve the “incorrect password” error you can use the following steps:

  • Go to this login page and keep the password visible when you are typing it to be sure that you are not typing an incorrect password.
  • You can try resetting the password. You will find the resetting password link at the bottom of the login page.
  • If they still don’t work, contact us and we’ll reset your password ourselves. This method might take some time.
Q. How to renew my registration?

A. Once your account expires, you will not be able to log in and you will have to register again.

Q. “Incorrect email” error during the filling up of the registration form.

A. This error comes when you have filled the form earlier also or if there is already an active account with the email address. In such a case please contact us to get it resolved.

Q. My problem is not mentioned in the FAQs.

A. If the FAQs don’t answer your question, please contact us.

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