Death be not Proud poem

Death be not Proud: NBSE Class 12 Alternative English solutions

Get notes, questions, answers, notes, solutions, summary, MCQs, PDF of the poem “Death be not Proud” by John Donne which is a part of NBSE Class 12 Alternative English syllabus. Select version of notes Summary and extras for all NBSE Class 12 version textual notes ISC Class 12 version textual notes Answer the following questions […]

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Macbeth Act 5 Scene 2

Macbeth Act 5 Scene 2: ISC Class 12 workbook answers

Get notes, workbook solutions, summary, questions and answers, and pdf of the drama/play Macbeth (Act 5 Scene 2) by William Shakespeare, which is part of ISC Class 12 English. However, the notes should only be treated as references, and changes should be made according to the needs of the students. Summary This scene takes place near Birnam Wood, where Scottish lords like Menteith, Caithness, Angus, and Lennox, along with their soldiers, have gathered. They have abandoned Macbeth and are now joining forces with Malcolm, Macduff, and the English army to overthrow the tyrannical king. The lords discuss the situation, revealing that Macbeth is becoming increasingly isolated and paranoid. He has fortified Dunsinane castle and is relying on fear rather than loyalty to maintain control. His guilt and anxiety over his past crimes are taking a toll on his mental state, and some even believe he has gone mad. Angus points out that Macbeth is now experiencing the consequences of his actions. The murders he committed weigh heavily on his conscience, and rebellions are erupting throughout his kingdom. His authority is crumbling, and he feels like a “dwarfish thief” wearing a stolen robe, highlighting the illegitimacy of his kingship. Menteith acknowledges Macbeth’s internal torment, suggesting that even his own mind is rebelling against him. His senses are “pestered” by guilt and self-condemnation, leading to his erratic behavior.

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