Bonku Babu’s Friend: ICSE Class 9 English (Treasure Chest) notes

Bonku Babu's Friend icse class 9
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Get notes, summary, questions and answers, workbook answers, MCQs, extras, and pdf of the story Bonku Babu’s Friend by Satyajit Ray which is part of ICSE Class 9 English (Treasure Chest) syllabus. However, the notes should only be treated for references and changes should be made according to the needs of the students.


The story revolves around a character named Bonkubihari Datta, a humble and meek geography and Bengali teacher at the Kankurgachhi Village Primary School. One night, while walking home, Bonku Babu encounters a strange, glowing object in the middle of Poncha Ghosh’s bamboo grove. The object, resembling an upside-down glass bowl, emits a pink light and a humming sound. As he approaches, he is immobilized by an unseen force.

Suddenly, a creature emerges from the object. This creature, called Ang, is from the planet Craneus. Ang has a smooth, bald head, thin limbs, and a body covered in a shiny, pink outfit. His eyes are round and bright yellow, and his face has holes instead of a nose and mouth. Ang communicates with Bonku Babu, first in English and then in Bengali.

Ang shows Bonku Babu a small object that can immobilize anyone without causing physical harm. He also has a small tube that allows Bonku Babu to see any place he wishes. When asked, Bonku Babu admits he would like to see the North Pole, a place he has never visited due to his residence in a warm country.

Ang tells Bonku Babu that humans are an inferior species, but Bonku Babu is a good man. However, he criticizes Bonku Babu’s meekness, advising him to stand up against injustice and protest when insulted or hurt without provocation. After this encounter, Ang quickly departs in his spaceship.

Bonku Babu, still in awe of the encounter, returns home. He later attends a meeting where he boldly speaks out against the people present, criticizing their behaviour and announcing his encounter with Ang. This newfound assertiveness is a result of his interaction with Ang. The story ends with Bonku Babu leaving the meeting with a bounce in his step, his head held high, and a sense of uniqueness, having had an experience that no one else in the world has had.

About the author

Satyajit Ray (1921-1992) was a multifaceted talent from India, renowned for his contributions as a filmmaker, author, illustrator, and music composer. His acclaimed works include The Apu Trilogy, The Music Room, The Big City, and Charulata.

One of his popular stories among young readers is ‘Bonku Babu’s Friend’, an excerpt from the collection Three Rays: Stories from Satyajit Ray. This story, conceived many years ago, has inspired numerous Indian science fiction writers.

The protagonist, Bonku Babu, is a mild-mannered school teacher who is often the target of ridicule and bullying. His life takes a turn when he encounters an alien spacecraft, an event that instils in him the courage to confront his tormentors.

The story serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder that standing up to bullying is the most effective way to combat this societal issue.

Workbook answers/solutions 

Text Based Multiple Choice Questions

(i) Bonku Babu had been teaching geography and Bengali at a village school for the last

Answer: c) twenty years

(ii) Bonku enjoyed telling his students stories about

Answer: d) all of the above

(iii) As Bonku was passing under a tamarind tree he was attacked by

Answer: b) a ghost

(iv) The moving point of light seen by the residents of Kankurgachhi three months ago turned out to be

Answer: b) a Russain satellite called Khotka

(v) Bonku Babu was the first person to spot the strange light but another got the credit for it. Who was that person?

Answer: c) Nidhu Babu

(vi) According to Sripati Babu if someone from a different planet came to earth, he would land in

Answer: d) some western country

(vii) The object that Bonku saw behind the pond looked like a big

Answer: b) glass bowl turned upside down

(viii) The eyes of the alien were

Answer: a) round and bright yellow

(ix) The alien had landed on the Earth by mistake. Where was he supposed to go?

Answer: d) Pluto

(x) The Alien named Ang had come down to earth from the planet

Answer: c) Craneus

(xi) The small object, which looked like a pebble, the object which Ang showed to Bonku could

Answer: c) make an enemy powerless

Comprehension Passages

Passage 1

It was not as if there was never any reason for him to lose his temper. For the last twenty- two years, Bonku Babu had taught geography and Bengali at the Kankurgacchi Village Primary School. Every year, a new batch of students replaced the old one, but old or new, the tradition of teasing poor Bonku Babu continued among all the students. Some drew his cartoon on the blackboard; others put glue on his chair; or, on the night of Kali Puja, they lit a chasing rocket and set it off right behind him.

Bonku Babu did not get upset by any of this. Only sometimes, he cleared his throat and said, “Shame on you, boys!”

(i) What was difficult for the students to imagine? Why?

Answer: It was difficult for the students to imagine Bonku Babu angry or losing his temper. This was because he had never been seen angry in spite of the pranks played on him.

(ii) Which tradition continued among the students?

Answer: The tradition of teasing and playing pranks on poor Bonku Babu continued among the students.

(iii) The students teased Bonku Babu in different ways. What were they?

Answer: Some students drew cartoons of Bonku Babu on the blackboard, some put glue on his chair, some lit chasing rockets and set them off behind him on Kali Puja night.

(iv) How did Bonku Babu sometimes lightly condemn the students?

Answer: Bonku Babu sometimes cleared his throat and said “Shame on you, boys!” to lightly condemn the students.

(v) What impression do you form of Bonku Babu?

Answer: Bonku Babu comes across as an extremely gentle, calm and tolerant person who has immense patience and does not get angry or upset easily. Despite being constantly teased and troubled by his students, he maintains his composure and handles the situation in a composed manner. His ability to remain unruffled by the pranks played on him and not lose his temper is remarkable and speaks volumes about his pleasant and peace-loving nature.

Passage 2

Only the other day -less than two months ago -they were talking about ghosts. Usually, Bonku Babu kept his mouth shut. That day, for some unknown reason, he opened it and declared that he was not afraid of ghosts, that was all! But it was enough to offer a golden opportunity to the others. On his way back home later that night, Bonku Babu was attacked by a ‘spook’. As he was passing under a tamarind tree, a tall, thin figure leapt down and landed on his back. As it happened, this apparition had smeared black ink all over itself, possibly at the suggestion of someone at the meeting.

(i) What did Bonku Babu declare in the group?

Answer: In the group, Bonku Babu declared that he was not afraid of ghosts.

(ii) What offered a golden opportunity to others? What did they plan?

Answer: Bonku Babu’s declaration offered a golden opportunity to others to play a prank on him. They planned to dress up as a ghost and attack him on his way back.

(iii) Who do you think was the lean, thin figure that landed on Bonku’s back?

Answer: In my opinion, the lean, thin figure that leapt down and landed on Bonku’s back was likely one of the men from Sripati Majumdar’s friend circle who were present at the meeting that evening. Since Bonku had declared he was not afraid of ghosts, they probably saw this as an opportunity to play a prank on him by disguising one of themselves as a ghost and attacking him on his way back. The apparition was also described as having smeared black ink on itself, which indicates it was a planned disguise. So most probably it was one of the regulars at Sripati’s gatherings who dressed up as a ghost and jumped on Bonku as a practical joke.

 (iv) Why could Bonku Babu not recognise the apparition?

Answer: Bonku Babu could not recognise the apparition because it had smeared black ink all over itself to disguise its identity.

(v) How did this encounter with the ghost affect Bonku Babu?

Answer: Bonku Babu was injured in this encounter. His neck ached for three days. Also, his new kurta was torn and stained with black ink.

Passage 3

Even, so, Bonku Babu had to come to these meetings. If he didn’t, what would Sripati Babu think? Not only was he a very important man in the school committee and in the village, but he couldn’t do without Bonku Babu. who could provide amusement to all. On one particular day, the topic of conversation was space – in other words, they were talking about spaceships and space-travel.

(i) What sort of jokes were played on Bonku Babu?

Answer: Bonku Babu was made the butt of jokes and pranks by the others. For example, someone dressed up as a ghost and attacked him.

(ii) Bonku came even though he didn’t want to come. Why?

Answer: Bonku had to come to the meetings because Sripati Babu was an influential man who could harm Bonku if he stopped coming.

(iii) Why was Bonku so afraid of Sripati Majumdar?

Answer: Sripati Majumdar was an important man in the village school committee. He was also influential and could potentially harm Bonku’s job if he did not come to the meetings. This is why Bonku was afraid of him.

(iv) Sometimes Bonku tried to keep away from this group. Why?

Answer: Because Bonku was constantly ridiculed and made the butt of jokes at these meetings, he sometimes tried to stay away.

(v) One day which topic came up for conversation? What were the views of most of the persons?

Answer: One day the topic of spaceships and space travel came up. Most persons in the group did not have much knowledge about satellites, rockets, etc. and expressed skeptical views.

Passage 4

Everyone agreed, with the sole exception of Bonku Babu. Chandi Babu decided to take things a bit further. He nudged Nidhu Babu silently, pointed at Bonku Babu and spoke innocently: “Why, I think Bonku is quite right. Isn’t it natural that aliens should want to come to a place where there’s a man like our Bonkubihari? If they wanted to take away a human specimen, could they find anything better?”

“No, I don’t think so!” Nidhu Babu joined in.

“Consider his looks, not to mention his brains… yes, Bunkum would be the ideal specimen!”

“Right. Suitable for keeping in a museum. Or a zoo,” Ramkanai chipped in.

(i) What had Sripati Babu said to which almost all agreed?

Answer: Sripati Babu had said that if an alien landed on Earth, it would choose to land in a western country rather than their village. Almost everyone agreed to this.

(ii) What did Chandi Babu want when he nudged Nidhu Babu?

Answer: When Chandi Babu silently nudged Nidhu Babu and pointed at Bonku Babu, he was signaling to Nidhu Babu that they should mock and ridicule Bonku Babu. Chandi Babu made an insincere remark about Bonku being right in order to sarcastically suggest he would make for a good alien specimen. By nudging Nidhu, he wanted him to catch on and join in the charade of pretending to agree with Bonku Babu, when their actual intent was to insult him and laugh at his expense.

(iii) When Chandi Babu says “I think Bonku is quite right’, does he mean it? In which tone does he speak?

Answer: No, Chandi Babu does not actually mean what he says. He speaks in a mocking, sarcastic tone.

(iv) For what would Bonku Babu be suitable according to Ram Kanai?

Answer: According to Ram Kanai, Bonku Babu would be suitable for keeping in a museum or a zoo as a specimen.

(v) What impression do you form of the speakers participating in the discussion?

Answer: The speakers come across as mean-spirited people who enjoy ridiculing and mocking Bonku Babu. They seem to lack empathy.

Passage 5

Bonku Babu did not reply, but wondered silently: if anyone were to actually look for a specimen, weren’t the others just as suitable? Look at Sripati Babu. His chin was so much like a camel’s. And that Bhairav Chakravarty, his eyes were like the eyes of a tortoise. Nidhu Babu looked like a rat, Ramkanai like a goat, and Chandi Babu like a flittermouse. If a zoo really had to be filled up…!

Tears sprang to his eyes. Bonku Babu had come to the meeting hoping, for once, to enjoy himself. That was clearly not to be. He could not stay here any longer. He got to his feet.

(i) Why did Bonku not reply to the derogatory remarks of the regulars?

Answer: Bonku did not reply to avoid further mockery and become more upset. He kept his thoughts to himself.

(ii) According to Bonku how could a zoo be filled up?

Answer: According to Bonku, the zoo could be filled up with the men at the meeting, since they resembled different animals.

(iv) Why had Bonku come to the meeting?

Answer: Bonku Babu had come to the meeting that evening with the hope that he would be able to enjoy himself for a change. Having been constantly mocked and made fun of during previous gatherings at Sripati Majumdar’s house, this time Bonku harbored some expectation that perhaps the discussion would be light-hearted and he would be able to participate without being ridiculed. He desired to have a good time socializing with the others, which he had been unable to do so far owing to always being the subject of jokes. Bonku clearly came with optimism that for once, he might actually have an entertaining evening with the rest of the group.

(v) When Bonku was about to leave, what comment did Sripati Babu make that made everyone laugh?

Answer: When Bonku was about to leave, Sripati Babu warned him that it was an auspicious night for ghosts, making everyone laugh.

Passage 6

Puzzled, Bonku Babu walked another twenty yards, and then he suddenly saw the light. At first, he thought that a fire had broken out. Bang in the middle of Poncha Ghosh’s bamboo grove, in the clearing near a small pond, quite a large area was glowing pink. A dull light shone on every branch and every leaf. Down below, the ground behind the pond was lit by a much stronger pink light. But it was not a fire, for it was still.

Bonku Babu kept moving.

(i) Which light is referred to in the second line?

Answer: The strange pink light seen in the bamboo grove is referred to.

(ii) Why did Bonku think that a fire had broken out?

Answer: Bonku thought a fire had broken out because he saw a large pink glow in the bamboo grove.

(iii) How did the ground behind the pond look?

Answer: The ground behind the pond was lit up by a much stronger pink light.

(iv) Why did Bonku’s ears begin to ring? What did he hear?

Answer: Bonku’s ears began to ring because he heard a loud, steady humming sound.

(v) What effect did the noise have on Bonku Babu? Why did he move forward?

Answer: The noise made Bonku break out in goosebumps but also made him curious. This irrepressible curiosity drove him forward.

Passage 7

Through that door emerged a head-like a plain, smooth ball – and then the body of a weird creature. Its arms and legs were amazingly thin. With the exception of its head, its whole body was covered by a shiny, pink outfit. Instead of ears, it had tiny holes on each side of its head. On the face were two holes where there should have been a nose, and another gaping hole instead of a mouth. There was no sign of hair anywhere. Its eyes were round and bright yellow. They appeared to be glowing in the dark.

(i) Who came out of the strange object?

Answer: A strange alien creature came out of the object.

(ii) How did that creature look?

Answer: The creature had a round, smooth head; very thin arms and legs; a shiny pink outfit covering its body; and round, glowing yellow eyes.

(iii) What did it have instead of ears?

Answer: Instead of ears, it had tiny holes on the sides of its head.

(iv) Describe the face of the person.

Answer: The face had two holes instead of a nose and a gaping hole instead of a mouth.

(v) What did the strange creature do after coming out of that object?

Answer: After coming out, the creature walked slowly towards Bonku Babu and stopped a few feet away, staring at him.

Passage 8

“What! This creature, barely four feet tall, with such thin limbs and weird face, was superior to man? Bonku Babu nearly burst out laughing. Ang read his mind immediately. “There’s no need to be so sceptical. I can prove it. How many languages do you know?”

Bonku Babu did not know what to say. He was feeling quite uncomfortable, for the creature had reached out and was examining Bonku Babu’s arms and legs with its long, bony fingers. When it finished, it introduced itself. “I am Ang, from the planet Craneus. A far superior being than man.”

(i) What had the strange creature told Bonku Babu just before this?

Answer: Just before this, the creature had told Bonku Babu that he was a superior being compared to humans.

(ii) What did the creature tell Bonku about himself?

Answer: The creature told Bonku he was Ang from planet Craneus and a far superior being than humans.

(iii) How did Bonku react when the creature told him that he was a more superior being than man?

Answer: Bonku nearly burst out laughing in disbelief when told this.

(iv) How did the strange creature prove that he was much superior to Bonku Babu?

Answer: Ang proved his superiority by pointing out that he knew 14,000 languages compared to the 2.5 languages known by Bonku.

(v) How many languages did the creature know? What more did he tell about himself?

Answer: The alien creature Ang informed Bonku Babu that he knew as many as 14,000 languages, which was astounding considering Bonku himself only knew 2.5 languages. Ang also revealed that he was 833 years old, which is remarkably old by human standards. Additionally, he had visited 25 different planets across various solar systems, exposing him to many unique civilizations and languages over his long lifetime. Ang used these facts to establish his intellectual superiority over human beings like Bonku Babu whose experiences and knowledge were quite limited in comparison.

Additional/extra questions and answers

1. Who is the author of the story “Bonku Babu’s Friend”?

Answer: The author of the story “Bonku Babu’s Friend” is Satyajit Ray.

2. Where does Bonku Babu teach?

Answer: Bonku Babu teaches at the Kankurgachhi Village Primary School.

3. What subjects does Bonku Babu teach?

Answer: Bonku Babu teaches geography and Bengali.

4. How do the students treat Bonku Babu?

Answer: The students constantly tease and play pranks on Bonku Babu like drawing his cartoon on the blackboard, putting glue on his chair, and setting off firecrackers behind him.

5. Why does Bonku Babu tolerate the students’ pranks?

Answer: Bonku Babu tolerates the pranks because he cannot afford to lose his job and he enjoys teaching the few good students in each class.

6. Where does Bonku Babu go in the evenings?

Answer: In the evenings, Bonku Babu goes to the lawyer Sripati Majumdar’s house for the regular evening meetings with other men from the village.

7. How do the men at the evening meetings treat Bonku Babu?

Answer: The men at the meetings also tease Bonku Babu, play pranks on him, and laugh at his expense.

8. What does Bonku Babu see in the sky one evening?

Answer: One evening Bonku Babu sees a strange moving point of light in the northern sky.

9. What is the conversation topic at the meeting that evening?

Answer: The conversation topic at the meeting is about spaceships, satellites, and space travel.

10. What does Bonku Babu suggest could happen?

Answer: Bonku Babu gently suggests that a creature from another planet could come to visit the earth.

11. How do the others react to Bonku Babu’s suggestion?

Answer: The others ridicule Bonku Babu’s suggestion, saying no alien would ever come to their remote village.

12. Why does Bonku Babu leave the meeting early?

Answer: Bonku Babu leaves the meeting early because he is hurt by the way the others are making fun of him.

13. What unusual thing does Bonku Babu notice on his way home?

Answer: On his way home, Bonku Babu notices that all the crickets have fallen silent, which is very unusual.

14. What does Bonku Babu see in the bamboo grove?

Answer: In the bamboo grove, Bonku Babu sees a giant glass bowl emitting a pink light covering the pond.

15. What happens to Bonku Babu when he tries to get closer?

Answer: When Bonku Babu tries to get closer to the object, he becomes paralyzed and unable to move.

16. What language does the voice first speak to Bonku Babu in?

Answer: The voice first speaks to Bonku Babu in an alien language.

17. What does the creature call itself?

Answer: The creature introduces itself as Ang, from the planet Craneus.

18. From what planet does the creature say it comes?

Answer: The creature says it comes from the planet Craneus.

19. How does the creature prove it is superior to humans?

Answer: Ang proves his superiority by showing Bonku Babu his advanced technology, like a device that paralyzes enemies and a viewing tube that shows scenes from anywhere in the universe. Ang also says he is over 800 years old and knows 14,000 languages.

20. What does the creature show Bonku Babu through a viewing tube?

Answer: Through the viewing tube, Ang shows Bonku Babu scenes from the North Pole and the Amazon in Brazil, with polar bears, walruses, anacondas, piranhas, and more.

21. What does the creature say is Bonku Babu’s major fault?

Answer: The creature says Bonku Babu’s major fault is that he is too meek and mild and does not stand up to injustice.

22. How does Bonku Babu feel on his walk home after the encounter?

Answer: After the encounter, Bonku Babu feels amazed, excited, and special to have had this experience that no one else in the world has had. He walks home dancing and whistling happily.

23. What is the topic of conversation at the next day’s meeting?

Answer: At the next day’s meeting, the men are talking about the strange loss of leaves on the bamboo trees where Ang had landed.

24. How does Bonku Babu behave when he arrives at the meeting?

Answer: When Bonku Babu arrives at the meeting, he bursts in laughing loudly and acting boldly, which shocks everyone.

25. What shocking announcement does Bonku Babu make at the meeting?

Answer: Bonku Babu announces this is the last time they will see him at their meetings because he is done tolerating their rude behavior.

26. Which men at the meeting does Bonku Babu address directly?

Answer: Bonku Babu directly tells off Chandi Babu, Nidhu Babu, and Sripati Babu for their actions towards him.

27. What does Bonku Babu tell the others about his encounter?

Answer: Bonku Babu tells them all about his encounter with the alien creature Ang the night before.

28. How does Bonku Babu end his speech at the meeting?

Answer: Bonku Babu ends by slapping Bhairav Chakravarty, declaring he will no longer be part of their group, and then striding out boldly.

29. How do the others react as Bonku Babu leaves the meeting?

Answer: The others are left stunned and speechless as Bonku Babu leaves, with Ramkanai dropping and breaking his teacup in shock.

30. How has Bonku Babu changed by the end of the story?

Answer: By the end, after his encounter with the alien, Bonku Babu is transformed from a meek, mild man who tolerates mistreatment into someone who boldly stands up for himself against the bullying and ridicule he has faced.

31. Where does the majority of the story take place and how does this isolated setting impact the events?

Answer: The majority of the story takes place in the remote village of Kankurgachhi. This isolated rural setting is crucial in allowing the unbelievable events of the story to unfold. Because it is so removed from the major cities, no one would expect an alien visitor to land there. The remote setting allows Bonku Babu to have this amazing experience that no one else in the world shares, which transforms him from a meek man to someone with newfound confidence. If it took place in a big city, the encounter would not have the same impact.

32. How does the alien visitor Ang use advanced technology to prove his claims of superiority?

Answer: Ang uses several advanced technological devices to demonstrate his superiority. One is a small device that paralyzes Bonku Babu from a distance, showing advanced knowledge of weapons. Another is a viewing tube that can show live scenes from anywhere in the universe, like the North Pole and the Amazon. This shows Ang’s civilization’s advanced understanding of space travel and imaging technology far beyond what humans have achieved. He also mentions his spacecraft brought him from another planet, proving knowledge of interplanetary travel. All these examples of advanced technology convince Bonku Babu that Ang and his race are indeed superior beings.

33. How does the theme of bullying and mistreatment feature prominently throughout the story?

Answer: Bullying and mistreatment is a major theme running through the entire story. Bonku Babu is constantly ridiculed and played upon by both his students and the men he considers friends. Though he is hurt, he accepts this bullying without protest, leading Ang to point out his meekness as a major fault. After the alien encounter gives Bonku Babu confidence, he stands up to his bullies by calling them out harshly at the meeting and refusing to tolerate their behavior anymore. The story shows how even good-natured people can be pushed too far by persistent bullying and highlights the importance of finding the courage to speak out against such mistreatment.

Additional/extra MCQs

1. What is the name of the main character in the story?

a) Poncha Ghosh b) Ang c) Bonkubihari Datta d) Ramkanai

Answer: c) Bonkubihari Datta

2. What is Bonkubihari Datta’s profession?

a) He is a scientist b) He is a school teacher c) He is a farmer d) He is a musician

Answer: b) He is a school teacher

3. Where does Bonkubihari Datta encounter the alien spacecraft?

a) In a city park b) In Poncha Ghosh’s bamboo grove c) In his backyard d) In a school playground

Answer: b) In Poncha Ghosh’s bamboo grove

4. What does the alien spacecraft look like?

a) A giant glass bowl turned upside-down b) A shiny metal disc c) A large, glowing orb d) A tall, cylindrical tower

Answer: a) A giant glass bowl turned upside-down

5. What is the name of the alien that Bonkubihari Datta meets?

a) Poncha b) Ang c) Ghosh d) Ramkanai

Answer: b) Ang

6. Where is Ang from?

a) Mars b) Jupiter c) Craneus d) Pluto

Answer: c) Craneus

7. How many languages does Ang claim to know?

a) 14 b) 140 c) 1,400 d) 14,000

Answer: d) 14,000

8. How old is Ang?

a) 83 b) 833 c) 8,333 d) 83,333

Answer: b) 833

9. What advice does Ang give to Bonkubihari Datta?

a) To learn more languages b) To stand up against injustice c) To travel to other planets d) To stop eating meat

Answer: b) To stand up against injustice

10. How does Bonkubihari Datta feel after his encounter with Ang?

a) Scared and confused b) Excited and unique c) Sad and lonely d) Angry and vengeful

Answer: b) Excited and unique

11. What does Bonkubihari Datta do at the meeting after his encounter with Ang?

a) He remains silent b) He shares his experience with Ang c) He criticizes the people present d) Both b) and c)

Answer: d) Both b) and c)

12. What is the color of the light emitted by the alien spacecraft?

a) Blue b) Green c) Red d) Pink

Answer: d) Pink

13. What is the physical appearance of Ang?

a) Tall and muscular b) Short with thin limbs c) Medium height with a muscular build d) Tall with a lean build

Answer: b) Short with thin limbs

14. How does Ang leave Earth?

a) In a car b) In a spaceship c) On a bike d) He walks away

Answer: b) In a spaceship

15. What is the reaction of the people at the meeting when Bonkubihari Datta shares his experience?

a) They laugh at him b) They are shocked c) They do not believe him d) They congratulate him

Answer: b) They are shocked

16. What does Ang think of humans?

a) They are superior beings b) They are inferior beings c) They are equals to his species d) They are not worth his time

Answer: b) They are inferior beings

17. What language does Ang first speak to Bonkubihari Datta in?

a) English b) Bengali c) The language they use on Pluto d) Hindi

Answer: c) The language they use on Pluto

18. What does Ang use to immobilize Bonkubihari Datta?

a) A small object b) A ray gun c) A magic spell d) His mind

Answer: a) A small object

19. What does Bonkubihari Datta see when he looks through the small tube Ang gives him?

a) The North Pole b) The planet Craneus c) His home d) The meeting he will later attend

Answer: a) The North Pole

20. What does Bonkubihari Datta do after Ang leaves?

a) He goes to the police b) He goes home c) He goes to the meeting d) He stays in the bamboo grove

Answer: b) He goes home

21. What subject does Bonkubihari Datta teach?

a) Mathematics b) Science c) Geography and Bengali d) History

Answer: c) Geography and Bengali

22. How does Bonkubihari Datta feel when he first sees the spacecraft?

a) Excited b) Scared c) Curious d) Indifferent

Answer: c) Curious

23. What does Ang’s voice sound like?

a) Like a human voice b) Like a flute c) Like a trumpet d) Like a drum

Answer: b) Like a flute

24. What does Ang examine on Bonkubihari Datta?

a) His arms and legs b) His head c) His hands d) His eyes

Answer: a) His arms and legs

25. What does Bonkubihari Datta do at the end of the meeting?

a) He cries b) He laughs c) He leaves with a bounce and a whistle d) He faints

Answer: c) He leaves with a bounce and a whistle

26. What does Ang’s spaceship look like?

a) A giant glass bowl b) A shiny metal disc c) A large, glowing orb d) A tall, cylindrical tower

Answer: a) A giant glass bowl

27. What does Bonkubihari Datta feel when he tries to approach the spaceship?

a) An electric current b) A warm sensation c) A cold chill d) Nothing

Answer: a) An electric current

28. What does Ang do before he leaves Earth?

a) He gives Bonkubihari Datta a gift b) He takes a picture of Bonkubihari Datta c) He thanks Bonkubihari Datta d) He leaps into his spaceship

Answer: d) He leaps into his spaceship

29. What does Bonkubihari Datta do after Ang leaves?

a) He follows the spaceship b) He goes to the police c) He resumes walking towards his home d) He faints

Answer: c) He resumes walking towards his home

30. What does Bonkubihari Datta feel after his encounter with Ang?

a) He feels ordinary b) He feels unique c) He feels scared d) He feels sad

Answer: b) He feels unique

Extra/additional Fill in the Blanks

1. The main character of the story is ________.

Answer: Bonkubihari Datta

2. Bonkubihari Datta is a ________ by profession.

Answer: school teacher

3. Bonkubihari Datta encounters the alien spacecraft in ________’s bamboo grove.

Answer: Poncha Ghosh

4. The alien spacecraft looks like a ________.

Answer: giant glass bowl turned upside-down

5. The alien that Bonkubihari Datta meets is named ________.

Answer: Ang

6. Ang is from the planet ________.

Answer: Craneus

7. Ang claims to know ________ languages.

Answer: 14,000

8. Ang is ________ years old.

Answer: 833

9. Ang advises Bonkubihari Datta to always ________.

Answer: stand up against injustice

10. After his encounter with Ang, Bonkubihari Datta feels ________.

Answer: excited and unique

11. At the meeting after his encounter with Ang, Bonkubihari Datta ________.

Answer: shares his experience and criticizes the people present

12. The light emitted by the alien spacecraft is ________ in color.

Answer: pink

13. Ang is ________ in appearance.

Answer: short with thin limbs

14. Ang leaves Earth in a ________.

Answer: spaceship

15. The people at the meeting are ________ when Bonkubihari Datta shares his experience.

Answer: shocked

16. Ang thinks of humans as ________ beings.

Answer: inferior

17. Ang first speaks to Bonkubihari Datta in the language they use on ________.

Answer: Pluto

18. Ang uses a ________ to immobilize Bonkubihari Datta.

Answer: small object

19. Bonkubihari Datta sees the ________ when he looks through the small tube Ang gives him.

Answer: North Pole

20. After Ang leaves, Bonkubihari Datta goes ________.

Answer: home

21. Bonkubihari Datta teaches ________.

Answer: Geography and Bengali

22. When he first sees the spacecraft, Bonkubihari Datta feels ________.

Answer: curious

23. Ang’s voice sounds like a ________.

Answer: flute

24. Ang examines ________ on Bonkubihari Datta.

Answer: his arms and legs

25. At the end of the meeting, Bonkubihari Datta ________.

Answer: leaves with a bounce and a whistle

26. Ang’s spaceship looks like a ________.

Answer: giant glass bowl

27. When he tries to approach the spaceship, Bonkubihari Datta feels an ________.

Answer: electric current

28. Before he leaves Earth, Ang ________.

Answer: leaps into his spaceship

29. After Ang leaves, Bonkubihari Datta ________.

Answer: resumes walking towards his home

30. After his encounter with Ang, Bonkubihari Datta feels ________.

Answer: unique

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