NBSE Class 11 Sociology: Notes, answers, syllabus

NBSE class 11 sociology
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Here, you will find summaries, questions, answers, textbook solutions, pdf, extras etc. of (Nagaland Board) NBSE Class 11 Sociology syllabus (Arts). These solutions, however, should be only treated as references and can be modified/changed. Please select the subject/chapter and proceed.

This subject is being written. Not all the chapters are available right now, but will be made available in the coming days.

Section A: Introducing sociology
Unit I: Sociology as a discipline
Unit II: Basic concepts
Unit III: Social Institutions
Unit IV: Culture and Socialization
Unit V: Social Processes
Unit VI: Methods and Techniques of Social research
Section B: Understanding Society
Unit VII: Social structure and function
Unit VIII: Social Stratification and Mobility
Unit IX: Environment and Society
Unit X: Western Social thinkers

About NBSE Class 11 Sociology textbook

The study of society and its myriad components has always been a subject of intense interest. Sociology, as a discipline, makes an attempt to systematically study the patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture that profoundly influence our lives and behaviors. In an attempt to streamline this study for the students of Class 11 in Nagaland, the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) has introduced a new textbook.

This new textbook has been an outcome of a collective effort and inspiration from teachers of Sociology in Nagaland. The initiative aims to minimize the confusion in teaching Sociology which is, inherently, a very vast subject.

Prior to this textbook, there was a significant challenge that the teachers of Sociology faced – deciding how much to teach under a particular topic. This challenge emanated largely due to the varying coverage given by various textbooks. Consequently, some teachers taught extensively on each chapter, while others adopted a more brief approach. This divergence resulted in a wide range of disparity in the teaching of Sociology, an inconsistency that was reflected in the performance of students in the exams conducted by NBSE.

The newly introduced textbook addresses this disparity. It aspires to bring uniformity in the teaching of Sociology all over the state. It’s an educational tool that intends to standardize the pedagogical approach, providing students and teachers with a structured, reliable, and dependable source of information.

The preparation of this textbook involved meticulous sourcing from a plethora of authors and resources, making it a comprehensive tool. The creators are grateful for all the authors and sources that have contributed to the collation of this knowledge. They believe that the simplified version of Sociology presented in the book will be of immense help to students and teachers alike.

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