SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader English questions, answers, notes

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SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader

Get summaries, notes, questions, answers, textbook solutions of SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader (English, Footprints Without Feet) which is part of the English second language syllabus of Class 10 students studying under Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA). These solutions, however, should be only treated as references and can be modified/changed. Please select the subject/chapter and proceed.

SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader: A Triumph of Surgery

INTRODUCTION: Tricki, a little dog, was pampered with tempting and unhealthy treats by his rich mistress, Mrs Pumphrey, multiple times a day in the story A Triumph of Surgery. Out of love, she would overfeed her pet. Tricki gained weight and became inactive over time. He rarely exercised or went for a walk because of his fat physique. With time, he grew bulky, and Mrs Pumphrey became concerned about his lack of mobility. Mr James Herriot, a veterinary surgeon, was quickly approached for assistance with her dog.

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SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader: The Thief’s Story

INTRODUCTION: The Thief’s Story by Ruskin Bond tells the story of Hari, a teenage thief who met Anil. The latter had faith in him and hired the little boy, and this had a profound impact on his life. It eventually gave Hari the hope of being someone important in life and leaving the life of crime that he was engulfed in. The Thief’s Story focuses on human values and interactions that are important in our lives and have the ability to influence us.

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SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader : The Midnight Visitor

INTRODUCTION: Ausable is a funny covert agent in this story. He’s a secret agent who expects to find some classified documents in his hotel room. However, one of his rivals, Max, approached him with a gun and demanded the papers. Ausable, on the other hand, displayed exceptional common sense and managed to escape the situation. A secret spy Ausable, who was too big to be a secret agent based on his outward appearance, startled Fowler, his friend. Sensing the danger, Ausable invented a great narrative about the non-existent balcony on which Max had placed his trust. He deceived Max by claiming that the cops were at the door. Max dies by jumping off that virtual balcony.

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SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader: Bholi

INTRODUCTION: Sulekha, a little girl, is the story’s protagonist. She was labelled ‘Bholi’ because she was a simpleton. This was due to a childhood injury that caused a section of her brain to be injured. When she was two years old, she had smallpox and had pockmarks on her face. Everyone was making fun of her. At school, she met a teacher who was quite pleasant and helpful to her. She advised her to study hard and speak with confidence. Bholi got more upbeat as a result of this, and she started going to school every day.

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SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader: A Question of Trust

INTRODUCTION: The protagonist, Horace Danby, was a good-hearted man who enjoyed collecting famous books. This otherwise respectable man looted a safe every year to cover the costs of his hobby. However, he was outwitted by another thief that particular year. The thief, posing as the lady of the house, got Horace all worked up and forced him to open the safe for her, which Horace did in exchange for not being reported to the police. But it was this act that led to his arrest, because in his haste to please the mistress of the house, Horace made the fatal error of opening the safe without his gloves. As a result, he became involved in a crime he did not commit and was sentenced to prison.

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SEBA Class 10 Supplementary Reader: The Hack Driver

INTRODUCTION: Sinclair Lewis’s short story The Hack Driver tells the story of an uptight city lawyer who is taken for a ride by a petty hack driver. When the young lawyer was sent to a village to serve a summon on Oliver Lutkins, he befriended a hack driver named Bill and spent the entire day riding in his carriage with him as they searched the village for the cunning Oliver Lutkins. But everywhere they went, they were met with defeated expressions and the news that they had missed Lutkins by mere seconds. When the lawyer was unable to locate Lutkins, he returned to the city, pleased that he had made the acquaintance of a jolly helpful fellow like Bill. When he returned to the village the next day to find Lutkins, he got the shock of his life when he realised Bill was none other than Oliver Lutkins himself.

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