NBSE Class 10 Social Science 2020 Question Paper (Old)

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Disclaimer: The given NBSE Class 10 Social Science 2020 question paper has been sourced from NBSE


Total marks : 80 || Time : 3 hours

General instructions:

i) Approximately 15 minutes is allotted to read the question paper and revise the answers.
ii) The question paper consists of 25 questions. All questions are compulsory.
iii) Internal choice has been provided in some questions.
iv) Marks allocated to every question are indicated against it.

N.B: Check that all pages of the question paper are complete as indicated on the top left side.

1. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives :

(a) Nationalism in Europe brought about the emergence of (1)

(i) the nation states
(ii) the modern states
(iii) multi-national dynastic states
(iv) alliances formed among many European states.

(b) The leader of the peasants in the Gudem Hills of Andhra Pradesh was (1)

(i) Baba Ramchandra
(ii) Alluri Sitaram Raju
(iii) Venkata Raju
(iv) Motilal Nehru

(c) The gas supplied for use in households is called (1)

(i) LPG
(ii) CNG
(iii) GNP
(iv) GDP

(d) Which of the following industries belongs to the category of heavy Industries? (1)

(i) Watches
(ii) Electric bulbs
(iii) Shipbuilding
(iv) Knitting needles

(e) In which of the following modes of transport does India have one of the largest networks? (1)

(i) Railways
(ii) Roadways
(iii) Waterways
(iv) Airways

(f) Indian society is considered as (1)

(i) matriarchal
(ii) patriarchal
(iii) fraternal
(iv) feminist

(g) Which form of power-sharing is most commonly referred to as federalism? (1)

(i) Division of power among various communities
(ii) Sharing of power among political parties
(iii) Horizontal division of power
(iv) Vertical division of power

(h) Currency notes in India are issued by(1)

(i) SBI
(ii) UBI
(iii) RBI
(iv) Regional Rural Banks

(i) The agencies which look into the complaints of the consumers are properly called (1)

(i) consumer courts
(ii) consumer commissions
(iii) consumer forums
(iv) consumer cells

(j) Which of the following is the most dominant mountain system in Nagaland? (1)

(i) The Patkai Mountain Range
(ii) The Middle Mountain Range
(iii) The Barail Mountain Range
(iv) The Low Mountain Range

Answer the questions in one word/one sentence of not more than 15 words:

2. Who was the founder of Hoa Hao movement? (1)

3. Name the person who pioneered the mass production of cars. (1)

4. What is rainwater harvesting? (1)

5. Which is the largest sugarcane-producing state of India? (1)

6. Define globe. (1)

7. Name two countries that follow one-party system. (1)

8. What is transparency? (1)

9. What is per capita income? (1)

10. Give the full form of MGNREGA.(1)

11. Name the biggest river in Nagaland. (1)

Answer the questions in about 20-30 words :

12. When was the Tonkin Free School started? What was its main Objective? (1+1=2)

13. Define globalization. (2)

14. Differentiate between a ruling party and an opposition party. (2)

15. Mention two duties of an active and participatory citizen in a democracy. (2)

16. Mention two things necessary for good health. (2)

17. Name any two organized industries of Nagaland. (2)

Answer the questions in about 50-70 words:

18.a. Explain how culture played an important role in creating the idea of nationalism in Europe. (4)
b. Mention any four proposals of the Congress of Vienna, in 1815.

19. a. Mention the factors that make the production of solar energy convenient in India. (4)
b. What is soil erosion? Briefly explain the two types of soil erosion. (1+3=4)

20. What are the advantages of waterways as a means of transport?

21. a. Mention any four features of Federalism. (4)
b. Mention any four features of local self-government.

22. a. State four advantages of formal sector loans. (4)
b. What is a double coincidence of wants? Why is it not required in an economy where money is in use? (2+2=4)

23. On the given political map of India, four features A, B, C, D have been indicated. Identify these features with the help of the information mentioned below and write their correct names against the given letters. (4)

A. Major rice-producing area
B. Red and yellow soil
C. Indira Gandhi International Airport
D. Tarapur nuclear power station

24. Answer any three questions in about 80-100 words: (3×6=18)

(a) Explain the role of religious groups in the development of anti-colonial feelings in Vietnam. (6)
(b) Explain the causes of the Great Depression. (6)
(c) Mention any six main features of communalism. (6)
(d) Explain any six factors that sustain democracy in India. (6)
(e) Explain any six forms of consumer exploitation. (6)

25. a. Give an account of the geographical features of Nagaland. (6)
b. Write a note on any six food crops of Nagaland.


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