NBSE Class 9 Alternative English 2018 Question Paper (Old)

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Disclaimer: The given NBSE Class 9 Alternative English 2018 question paper has been sourced from NBSE


Total marks : 80 || Time : 3 hours

General instructions:

i) Approximately 15 minutes is allotted to read the question paper and revise the answers
ii) The question paper consists of 21 questions. All questions are compulsory.
iii) Internal choice has been provided in some questions.
iv) Marks allocated to every question are indicated against it.

N.B: Check that all pages of the question paper are complete as indicated on the top left side.


1. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given: 10×1-10

(a) How did the devil disguise himself when he returned to Ivan’s kingdom to tempt the people with wealth?

(i) As Asa a nobleman
(ii)  As a general
(iii) As a mason
(iv) As a trader

b) What is the award-winning television series of Carl Sagan?

(i) Viking
(ii) The Dragons of Eden
(iii) Contact
(iv) Cosmos

(c) What is the basic virtue as a form of protection?

(i) Honest thought
(iii) Rumours
(iv) Public fame

(d) What is the symbol of the policeman at Piccadilly Circus?

(i) Freedom
(ii) Justice
(iii) Liberty
(iv) Authority

(e) What was the mother’s only wish for her son?

(i) He need not be very rich
(ii) He should be happy
(iii) He should never fight with anyone

(iv) He should give up his freedom

(f) Why was the poet Edgar Allen Poe unhappy?

(i) Because of the technological advances that were sweeping Africa
(ii) Because of the technological advances that were sweeping India
(iii) Because of the technological advances that were sweeping Italy
(iv)Because of the technological advances that were sweeping America

(g) Abdul Kalam was the _______ President of India.

(i) ninth
(ii) eleventh
(iii) tenth
(iv) twelfth

(h) How did the two brothers see the Ogress under the magical spell?

(i) As a young woman
(ii) As a clumsy old woman
(iii) As a good-looking, loving-natured woman
(iv) As an old woman with dishevelled hair

(i) Why did Imp 1 pluck a leaf from a huge oak tree?

(i) To turn it to musical soldiers
(ii) To turn it into gold
(iii) To cure all diseases
(iv) To turn it to silver

(j) What cleanses a child like a flame?

(i) Pain
(iii) Love
(ii) Fame
(iv) Joy

Answer the following questions in about 20-25 words: (5×2=10)

2. How did Ivan the Fool become the Tsar?

3. Read the lines and answer the question that follows:
‘Is this a magic tree? I have tried so hard and still it won’t fall.’
(The Tale of Ivan the Fool)

a. Who is the speaker here? (1)
b. Why does the speaker say this? (1)

4. What happens when we step out of our private kingdoms? (On the Rule of the Road)

5. Why is the soul ‘unconquered’? (The Soul’s Prayer)

6. When did the mother experience the second birth pang? (Mother’s Tears)

Answer the following questions in about 40-45 words: (5×4=20)

7. a. Write a short analysis of why the poet is happy. Why could others be unhappy?(Character of a Happy Life) (2+2=4)


b. Comment on Dr Kalam’s KnowledgeEquation.

8. Read the lines and answer the question that follows:

“Science! True daughter of Old Time thou art
Who alterest all things with thy peering eyes.
Why prayest thou thus upon the poet’s heart,
Vulture, whose wings are dull realities?” (Sonnet to Science)

a. How does the poet present Science in the first line? (1)
b. Pick out a verb and a phrase that relates to Science and the Vulture? (2)
c. What does ‘dull realities’ refer to? (1)

9. What are your impressions of Simeon and Tarras?

10. Write a character sketch of the Ogress.

11. Describe one eyewitness account of the Tunguska event.

Read the lines and answer the question that follows:

12. This is disgusting! They are spoiling my plans. I’ll show them how wrong they are. I shall persuade the Tsar of Tarakan to attack Ivan’s kingdom. Let the fools defend their country without a single soldier.’

a. Who is the speaker? (1)
b. What were the ‘plans’ that were spoilt? (2)
c. Why don’t ‘the fools have a single soldier? (2)

13.“Sometimes, indeed, the neighbours thought it strange that the rich Miller never gave little Hans anything in return.

(i) How many sacks of flour and cows did the Miller have? (2)
(ii) What gave great pleasure to little Hans? (2)
(iii) Who wanted to share his porridge with little Hans? (1)


14. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

At sixteen years of age, Edison found himself alone. He wondered for several years from town to town and from job to job. He was often hungry and usually poor, but always full of ideas. Some of his ide ideas led him into trouble,

but he never despaired. He spent all his earnings on books and tools and chemicals, and he longed for the day, when he would have his own laboratory and time to try out his ideas that seethed in his brain. When he was twenty-two, his dream came true. He invented a telegraphic printer and put it up for sale. He expected to sell it for a fairly large sum of money. He could hardly believe at the offer he received. Forty thousand dollars! Forty thousand dollars!

Now he could start doing big things.So he started. He bought a small laboratory. He bought machinery and chemicals, and he worked. In a short time, the laboratory proved to be too small, for Edison simply poured inventions out into the world and soon he employed a staff of two hundred and fifty men to help him. He improved the telegraph. He improved the typewriter. He improved the telephone.

a. What was Edison’s ambition? (1)
b. On what did Edison spend his earnings? (1)
c. What did Edison invent when he was twenty-two years old? (1)
d. What did Edison do with the money that he received for his invention? (1)
e. Give a suitable heading to the passage. (1)

15. Read the poem and answer the questions that follow:

Our teacher told us one day he would leave
And sail across a warm blue sea
To places he had only known from maps,
And all his life he longed to be.
The house he lived in was narrow and grey
But in his mind’s eye he could see
Sweet-scented jasmine clinging to the walls,
And green leaves burning on an orange tree.
He spoke of the lands he longed to visit,
Where it was never drab or cold.
I couldn’t understand why he never left,
And shook off the schools’ strangle hold.
Then half way through his final term
He took ill and never returned.
He never got to that place on the map
Where the green leaves of the orange trees burned.
The maps were redrawn on the classroom wall;
His name forgotten, he faded away.
But a lesson he never knew he taught
Is with me to this day.
I travel to where the green leaves burn,
To where the ocean’s glass-clear and blue,
To places our teachers told me to love
And which he never knew.

a. What did the teacher keep telling his students he would do? (1)
b. Name a few things that existed in the lands the teacher longed to visit. (2)
c. Why does the poet remember his teacher years after he has left his school? (2)

(Writing and Applied Grammar)

16. Write an article for your school magazine in about 100-150 words about a childhood lesson that you have learnt. (6)

17. a. A teacher is talking to the mother of a student who is doing very well in school. Write a dialogue in 100-150 words. (6)
b. Write a story of about 150-200 words about a beautiful valley hidden high in the mountains where something amazing happens.

18. Complete the following sentences with appropriate modals: (2×1=2)

a. He ____________  be sixteen next month.
b. I __________  reach the top shelf of the bookcase.

19. Complete the following sentences as directed in the brackets: (4×1⁄2=2)

a. I’m quite happy Don’t worry about me (Punctuate the given sentence)
b. Life of queen bee is very short. (Insert Articles wherever necessary)

20. There has been a burglary. The police asked the residents what they were doing when the burglary occurred. Complete the given responses using the right form of tenses: (4×1⁄2=2)

(a) Ms. Angel- cook
(c) Mrs Lanu- have bath
(b) The Sharmas- out on vacation
(d) Mr. Vike-sleep

21. Complete the sentences in Indirect Speech: (2×1=2)

a. “My neighbours have bought a brand new computer!”
She exclaimed ________  a brand new computer.

b. “Do visit us when you have some time.”
Mrs. Abeno told us ______________ some time.


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