NBSE Class 9 Alternative English 2021 Question Paper (Old)

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Disclaimer: The given NBSE Class 9 Alternative English 2021 question paper has been sourced from NBSE


Total marks: 40 || Time: 1½ hour

General instructions:

i) Approximately 8 minutes is allotted to read the question paper and revise the answers.
ii) The question paper consists of 11 questions. All questions are compulsory.
iii) Internal choice has been provided in some questions.
iv) Marks allocated to every question are indicated against it.

N.B: Check to ensure that all pages of the question paper are complete as indicated on the top left side.

Unit – I (Reading)

1. Read the poem and answer the questions that follow:

I got up late for school today,
And nearly missed the bus!
I hurried down the stairs,
Wolfed my toast, and caused a fuss!
I quickly threw books in my bag,
My pens, my lunch, and shorts.
Grabbed my coat from out the cupboard,
Took my bat and ball for sports.
I slid across the kitchen floor,
And hopped around the cat!
Then expertly rolled over,
Jumped back up and grabbed my hat!
I belted out of our front door,
Spun round and swung it shut.
Saw the bus was waiting for me,
I felt I had time to strut!
I climbed abroad and then froze still,
And knew that things weren’t right!
My friends fell down in fits of fun,
And pointed with delight!
My face went red,
I couldn’t breathe,
For in my haste I knew!
I’d forgotten to wear trousers,
Jumper, shirt, my socks, and shoes!

Choose the correct option: 5×1=5

a. What happened when the poet got up late?

i. He was early for school
ii. He was late for school
iii. He was right on time for school

b. Where was the poet’s coat?

i. In the bag
ii. In the cupboard
iii. In the box

c. What did the poet quickly grab?
i. Hat
ii. Pen
iii. Shorts

d. What did the poet’s friends do?
i. Ignored him
ii. Praised him
iii. Laughed at him

e. Who belted out of the front door?
i. The bus
ii. The poet
iii. The cat

Unit II (Writing and Applied Grammar)

2. a. Write a story in about 100-150 words starting with the following sentence- ‘One night around 9.00 pm as Abemo was returning home it was raining heavily. Suddenly, the street lights had gone off …’
b. Your friend had recently gone on a vacation. Write a dialogue between you and your friend discussing about his/ her vacation in about 100-150 words.

3. Punctuate the following sentences: 2×1=2

a. Good evening How are you
b. Im quite happy. Dont worry about me.

4. Complete these sentences in indirect speech. 2×1=2

a. I will change my school soon.
Tato told me that he _________________ soon.
b. She said, “I am a doctor.”
She said that ________________

Unit III (Literature)

5. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given: 6×1=6

(a) What did the Miller offer to give Hans?
(i) The wheelbarrow
(ii) A sack of flour
(iii) One milch cow
(iv) A bouquet of flowers

(b) What feeling does the mother express in the beginning of the poem, ‘Mother’s Tears’?
(i) Problem
(ii) Grief
(iii) Joy
(iv) Mockery

(c) In which form did the Devil come in his second attempt in the drama, ‘The Tale of Ivan the Fool’?
(i) Commander
(ii) Nobleman
(iii) Beggar
(iv) Teacher

(d) What does the Child ask the Master to reveal in the poem, ‘The Soul’s Prayer’?
(i) Pride 
(ii) Pardon
(iii) Laws of life
(iv) Laws of life and death

(e) What does the ‘birth-pang’ represent in the poem, ‘Mother’s Tears’?
(i) A son’s disobedience
(ii) A stomach pain
(iii) The grief of mothers at losing their sons
(iv) A new child

(f) Who was the youngest son of the Russian peasant?
(i) Simeon
(ii) Tarras
(iii) Mason
(iv) Ivan

Answer the following questions in about 20-25 words: 3×2=6

6. How did Imp 2 plan to destroy Tarras?

7. What is the effect of ‘sevenfold height’ in the poem, ‘The Soul’s Prayer’?

8. What reward did the Tsar give Ivan for curing his daughter’s illness?

Answer the following questions in about 40-45 words:

9. Why was it difficult for Hans to say ‘no’ to the Miller? How did Hans die? 2+2=4

10. ‘My work is the easiest.’ (The Tale of Ivan the Fool)

a. Who is the speaker here? 1
b. What is the speaker’s plan? 3

Read the lines and answer the questions that follow in about 50-60 words:

11. ‘I had been hoping that the brothers would fight over their property, but the fool Ivan spoilt the whole scheme, I won’t rest until they quarrel.’

a. Who says these lines?  1
b. Who are the ‘brothers’? 3
c. What is the speaker’s scheme? 1


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