AHSEC Class 12 Alternative English questions and answers

alternative english
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Get class 12 Alternative English notes if you are a student of AHSEC (Assam Higher Secondary Education Council). The solutions made available here should be seen as references and nothing more. We’ve provided a brief introduction to each chapter so you can get a sense of what you’ll be reading in that chapter. To access the solutions for each chapter, click on the links provided under each chapter.

AHSEC Class 12 Alternative English Chapter 1: The Verger

Introduction: “The Verger” is a story about Albert Edward Foreman, a simple man. He was a verger at St. Peter’s Neville Square Church, where he performed his duties with joy and dedication. The verger is fired by the new vicar because he is illiterate. He tries to buy a cigarette while wandering around the streets of London in a depressed state. He has an idea because there is no tobacco shop nearby. He opens a tobacco shop with the meagre funds he has in his savings. He works hard to grow his business, which leads to success. He opens ten new tobacco shops in London city within ten years. He has saved £30,000 in a bank savings account.

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AHSEC Class 12 Alternative English Chapter 4: The Gift of the Magi

Introduction: The story The Gift of the Magi is an excellent example of literary irony. Jim and Della in this story give up their most prized possessions so that the other person can truly enjoy his or her gift. Jim sells his watch to buy Della’s combs, knowing she’ll use them. Della sells her hair to pay for a chain for Jim’s watch. Neither of them anticipates the other making that sacrifice.

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