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Charge of the Light Brigade: BSEM Class 10 English questions, answers

Charge of the Light Brigade..

Here, you will find a summary and questions/answers to the chapter “Charge of the Light Brigade” which is a part of the Class 12 English syllabus for students studying under the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE).

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A. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given:

a. The battlefield has been called ‘the valley of Death’ because

Answer: III. many of the British soldiers died.

b. Was there a man dismay’d? Not tho’ the soldier knew. The soldiers were not dismayed because

Answer: II. they were brave and dutiful.

c. When the Russian cannons began to fire the British soldiers

Answer: I. charged on.

d. O the wild charge they made. The charge made by the Light Brigade has been called ‘wild’ because

Answer: IV. it was a thoughtless command resulting in many deaths.

B. Answer the following questions in a sentence each:

I. “someone had blundered.” What does the line mean?

Answer: It means that a mistake had been made, likely by those in command, resulting in a disastrous situation for the Light Brigade.

II. “Charge for the guns!” He said. Identify the ‘he’ here.

Answer: ‘He’ refers to the commander who gave the order to the Light Brigade to charge towards the enemy guns.

III. ‘Theirs not to reply’ Why were the soldiers not to reply?

Answer: The soldiers were not to reply because their duty was to obey orders without questioning them, as part of their military discipline.

IV. What did the soldiers of the Light Brigade do with their sabres?

Answer: The soldiers of the Light Brigade used their sabres to attack the Russian gunners during the charge.

V. ‘Not the six hundred.’ Why did not all the six hundred ride back?

Answer: Not all of the six hundred rode back because many were killed or wounded in the charge.

C. Answer the following questions briefly:

I. What was the command given by the commander?

Answer: The command given by the commander was to charge towards the enemy guns.

II. Why is the valley described as ‘Valley of Death’?

Answer: The valley is described as ‘Valley of Death’ because it was the site of a deadly battle where many soldiers lost their lives.

III. “Someone had blunder’d.” How did the soldiers react when they felt the commander had blundered?

Answer: Despite realizing that their commander had made a blunder, the soldiers bravely followed the orders without question.

IV. How were the Russian cannons positioned?

Answer: The Russian cannons were positioned surrounding the British soldiers, with cannons to the right, left, and in front of them.

V. “Into the jaws of Death Into the mouth of Hell” Explain the Imagery.

Answer: This imagery vividly portrays the extreme danger and almost certain death the soldiers were riding into, likening the battlefield to the jaws of Death and the mouth of Hell.

VI. How did the soldiers charge?

Answer: The soldiers charged boldly and bravely into the face of heavy artillery fire from the Russian cannons.

VII. “All the world wonder’d” Why does the poet say so?

Answer: The poet says “All the world wonder’d” to express how the entire world was amazed by the bravery and the reckless courage of the Light Brigade.

VIII. What was the impact of the Light Brigade’s charge on the enemy?

Answer: The impact of the Light Brigade’s charge on the enemy was significant as they managed to break through the Russian lines, though it was at a great cost to themselves.

IX. They that had fought so well What happened to these soldiers?

Answer: The soldiers who fought so well suffered heavy casualties, with many killed or wounded.

X. “They that had fought so well Came thro’ the jaws of Death Back from the mouth of Hell” Explain.

Answer: This line explains how the soldiers who survived the deadly charge managed to return from the extremely perilous situation they had been in, likened to escaping from death and hell itself.

XI. “When can their glory fade?” Why does the poet ask so?

Answer: The poet asks “When can their glory fade?” to suggest that the bravery and sacrifice of the Light Brigade will be remembered forever, their glory never diminishing.

XII. “Honour the Light Brigade” Why does the poet ask the people to honour the Light Brigade?

Answer: The poet asks people to honour the Light Brigade for their extraordinary bravery and the sacrifices they made in the face of almost certain death.

Think and Write

The Manipuris too fought a battle against the British in 1891 at Khongjom. Although the Manipuri Commander did not blunder in his command like the British commander there are similarities in many other matters mainly in the two following points:

“The British were much better equipped.”
“Their numbers were much bigger.”
Still the Manipuris fought for their motherland.

Now write a paragraph emphasizing the above points and bringing out the courage and patriotism of the Manipuris.

Answer: The 1891 battle at Khongjom, fought by the Manipuris against the British, stands as a remarkable example of courage and patriotism, mirroring in some aspects the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. Despite the British forces being significantly better equipped and having a larger number of soldiers, the Manipuris displayed unwavering bravery and a deep-seated love for their homeland. Their decision to engage in battle under these challenging conditions highlights a profound sense of duty and willingness to fight against overwhelming odds. This act of valor serves not only as a testament to their fighting spirit but also as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made in the pursuit of freedom and self-determination. The Manipuris, much like the soldiers of the Light Brigade, demonstrated that true courage often comes from a place of deep conviction and loyalty to one’s land and people, even in the face of almost certain defeat.

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