ICSE Class 9: Get summary, explanation, answers, notes

ICSE class 9
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OFN brings to you notes of different subjects for (ICSE/ISC Board) Class 9 for students. The provided study materials should only be used for references. Please select the subject you need the notes, summary, solutions, textbook answers, pdfs, and extras, and proceed accordingly.

English (Poems)English (Short Stories)
English (Drama/Julius Caesar)Syllabus

About ICSE Class 9

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Class 9 is managed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). It focuses on preparing students for the Class 10 final examination.

The syllabus for ICSE Class 9 is organized into three main groups. Group I contains subjects such as English, Second Languages, History, Civics, and Geography. Group II includes Mathematics, Science, Economics, Commercial Studies, Modern Foreign Languages, and Environmental Science among others. The last group, Group III, consists of subjects like Computer Applications, Art, Home Science, Cookery, Yoga, and Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

To keep the curriculum relevant, ICSE has introduced contemporary subjects such as Robotics and AI. The ‘Scope of Syllabuses’ element provides an understanding of each subject’s coverage, assisting in targeted learning.

Another distinctive feature of the ICSE Class 9 curriculum is the Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW). This component promotes practical knowledge and social involvement. The curriculum also suggests the inclusion of ‘Contemporary Studies’ to keep the syllabus updated with global developments.

Overall, the ICSE Class 9 syllabus aims for not only academic progress but also the development of practical skills and social awareness. It’s a crucial step in a student’s educational journey, preparing them for more advanced studies and real-world challenges.

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