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ISC Class 12
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OFN brings to you notes of different subjects for (ICSE/ISC Board) Class 12 for students. The provided study materials should only be used for references. Please select the subject you need the notes, summary, solutions, textbook answers, pdfs, and extras, and proceed accordingly.

English (Prism)English (Rhapsody)
English (Drama/Macbeth)Syllabus

About ISC Class 12

The Indian School Certificate (ISC) Class 12 examination is an important milestone for students in India. It is a national-level test administered by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The examination is typically conducted in February and March, with results announced in May.

For the ISC Class 12, students must select either the Science or Commerce academic streams. The Science stream provides preparation for professions in engineering, medicine, and associated fields. The Commerce stream readies students for careers in business, accounting, finance, and related disciplines.

All students must take English as a compulsory subject. Additionally, they must choose a minimum of four elective subjects from an extensive list including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Computer Science, and more.

The ISC Class 12 is a written examination, with each paper lasting three hours in duration. The format varies by subject, but generally includes two sections: Part I with objective-type questions and Part II with subjective questions.

To prepare for the Class 12, some recommended strategies are: starting revisions early and avoiding last-minute cramming; creating and adhering to an organized study plan; concentrating on weaker subject areas; practicing with previous years’ examination papers; taking regular breaks during study sessions; getting adequate rest; and eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Class 12 is important for several reasons. Firstly, good performance can facilitate admission into prestigious universities in India and overseas. Secondly, it assists students in obtaining desirable employment, as many companies prefer candidates who excelled on the Class 12.

To maximize success on the examination, experts advise: clearly defining academic and career goals; devising a compatible study plan; maintaining organized notes and materials; remaining disciplined to the study schedule; dedicating regular study sessions, even if brief; and staying confident in one’s capabilities.

The ISC Class 12 is undoubtedly challenging yet remains an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. By adopting the strategies above, students can enhance their prospects for achievement.

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