NBSE Class 11 Environmental Education: Notes, answers, syllabus

nbse class 11 Environmental Education
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Here, you will find summaries, questions, answers, textbook solutions, pdf, extras etc. of (Nagaland Board) NBSE Class 11 Environmental Education syllabus (Arts). These solutions, however, should be only treated as references and can be modified/changed. Please select the subject/chapter and proceed.

Chapter 1: Dimensions of Environment
Chapter 2: Role of Human in Environmental Actions
Chapter 3: Society and Environment in India
Chapter 4: Population and Environment
Chapter 5: Human Activities and Degrading Environment
Chapter 6: Economic and Social Needs, and Major Sectors of Development
Chapter 7: Social Factors Affecting Development
Chapter 8: Impact of Development on the Environment
Chapter 9: Impact of Liberalisation and Globalisation
Chapter 10: Role of Society in Development and Environment
Chapter 11: Pollutants and Pollution
Chapter 12: Noise and Radiation Pollution
Chapter 13: Handling and Management of Hazardous Wastes
Chapter 14: Ozone Layer Depletion and Greenhouse Effect
Chapter 15: Pollution Related Diseases
Chapter 16: Disasters- Their Impact on the Environment
Chapter 17: Strategies for Reducing Pollution and Improving the Environment
Chapter 18: Energy
Chapter 19: Conventional Sources of Energy
Chapter 20: Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
Chapter 21: Energy- Conservation, Management and Planning

About NBSE Class 11 Environmental Education

The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE), committed to fostering environmentally conscious citizens, has introduced a vital tool in the form of the Class 11 Environmental Education textbook. The book seeks to bridge the knowledge gap between young learners and the environment, and prepare them to meet the emergent environmental challenges.

The book is premised on the philosophy that informed learners are more equipped to address and mitigate environmental issues. Consequently, the textbook embarks on a mission of education and empowerment, intending to instil in students the understanding and importance of environmental conservation, preservation, and protection.

Rooted in the wisdom of ancient Indian philosophers, thinkers, seers, and saints who vouched for the prudent use of natural resources, the book underlines the need for a sustainable relationship between humans and nature. It serves as a stark reminder of the significant damage inflicted upon our environment through reckless developmental practices, a lesson underscored by the current global consciousness about environmental preservation.

The textbook emphasizes the need for sustainable development, marrying the progress of science and technology with the conservation of the environment. It advocates for responsible consumption practices to ensure a healthy and joyous life for future generations.

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