Class 11, Class 12 Voices (English Supplementary) solutions: Questions, answers, extras

voices MBOSE Class 11, Class 11 English Supplementary
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Get summaries, questions, answers, solutions, notes, PDF of Class 11 and Class 12 Voices (English Supplementary reader textbook) which is part of the syllabus of students studying under MBOSE (Meghalaya Board). These solutions, however, should only be treated as references and can be modified/changed. Please select the chapter and proceed.

Class 11

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On Doing Nothing
Talking of Space: Report on Planet Three
A Devoted Son

Class 12

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A Village Cricket Match
What Men Live By
Enchanting Caves of Meghalaya

About MBOSE (Meghalaya Board) Class 11 and Class 12 Supplementary textbook

The MBOSE Supplementary Reader textbook (Voices) for Class 11 and Class 12 is a well-curated collection of essays, short stories, and factual narratives that aim to enhance students’ understanding of diverse literary forms and themes. This textbook is designed to broaden the literary horizon of students, encouraging them to engage with texts that reflect various cultural, social, and intellectual contexts.

The textbook begins with J.B. Priestley’s essay, “On Doing Nothing.” Priestley extols the virtues of inactivity, suggesting that taking time to appreciate the natural world can refresh the spirit. He contrasts this with the negative outcomes of purposeless activity, such as war. Priestley’s essay encourages students to reflect on the importance of mindfulness and the potential consequences of our actions.

Another insightful essay in the reader is “The Leisured Classes.” This piece offers a reflection on the disparity in leisure opportunities across different social classes in English society. The author illustrates how the upper class could indulge in leisure due to their inherited wealth, while the working and middle classes had limited opportunities for such luxury. This essay provides a historical perspective on social inequality and prompts discussions on contemporary social structures.

The textbook also includes Arthur C. Clarke’s “Talking of Space: Report on Planet Three,” a science fiction story presented as a Martian research document about Earth. This narrative explores how Earth might appear to extraterrestrial beings, highlighting the hostile conditions of the planet. Through this, Clarke subtly emphasises the importance of preserving life on Earth, given its unique ability to support life. This story introduces students to the genre of science fiction and its capacity to offer critical reflections on humanity and our environment.

Anita Desai’s “A Devoted Son” is a short story about the complex relationship between a father and his son. The story charts the journey of Rakesh, who becomes a successful doctor and cares for his ageing father. However, the narrative takes a turn as the father struggles with the constraints imposed by his son’s medical care. Desai’s story raises important questions about familial duty, love, and the fine line between care and control.

The textbook also features factual essays, such as “Enchanting Caves of Meghalaya” by Brian Dermot Kharpran Daly. This essay describes the unique cave ecosystems in Meghalaya, focusing on their geological formation, dimensions, and the fauna they support. Daly’s essay is a call to preserve these natural wonders, highlighting the threats posed by mining and industrial activities. This piece not only informs students about geological processes but also instills a sense of environmental responsibility.

Through essays, short stories, and factual narratives, the textbook encourages critical thinking, cultural awareness, and environmental consciousness. It is an essential tool for developing a deeper appreciation of literature and its relevance to contemporary issues.

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