WBCHSE Class 12 English syllabus, questions, answers, MCQs

WBCHSE Class 12 english
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Get notes, solutions, summary, textual questions and answers, extras, MCQs, and pdf of all chapters—the prose (stories), verse (poems), and Drama—which are part of (West Bengal Board) WBCHSE Class 12 English syllabus. However, the notes should only be treated for references and changes should be made according to the needs of the students. Please select the chapter you need the notes for and proceed.

The Eyes Have It
Strong Roots
Thank You Ma’am
The Three Questions
On Killing a Tree
Asleep in the Valley
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?
The Poetry of Earth
The Proposal

About WBCHSE Class 12 English (ENG B)

The English curriculum designed by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) for Class 12 is a thorough, learner-centric program to instil comprehensive English language and literature skills. The curriculum is organized in a way that accommodates the rich cultural, literary, and sociological dimensions inherent in studying English.

The curriculum is divided into categories: Literature, Language, and Project Work, which sum up to 100 marks. The literary section is a vibrant mix of classics and modern works, from Shakespeare’s sonnets to contemporary stories like those of Ruskin Bond. Students are also exposed to drama through works like Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Proposal,’ allowing a nuanced understanding of different forms of literary expression. This varied selection ensures that students receive a balanced view of global literature.

The Language section emphasizes grammar, including textual grammar and sentence transformation exercises. It ensures that students not only appreciate the language but can also use it effectively. Skills like changing narration, voice, and sentence types are covered extensively. Reading comprehension exercises further enhance analytical skills and understanding of the language’s subtleties.

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