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alternative english

NBSE Class 9 Alternative English notes: Prose, Poetry, Drama

We have provided solutions and summaries of all the chapters of NBSE Class 9 Alternative English under the categories “prose,”…

political science and economics

SEBA Class 10 Political Science and Economics (Social) answers

Social Science as a compulsory subject includes four disciplines- History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. Social Science textbook under Board…


SEBA Class 9 Geography Notes

Class 9 geography subject under Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) is a part of social science and comprises of…

environmental education

Environmental Education Class 9 questions, answers, notes

During the last few decades, man has exploited nature to such an extent that environmental equilibrium has been disturbed. The…


Class 9 and Class 10 Mathematics Solutions: NBSE, SEBA, TBSE, NCERT

Mathematics binds us together directly or indirectly in a systematic manner and is aptly regarded as the queen of all…

At Online Free Notes (OFN), we provide informative articles on various topics and textbook solutions, answers, questions, extras, pdf of different subjects (English, Alternative English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, FIT, Environmental Education, Bookkeeping, Hindi etc.) for class 9, class 10, class 11, and class 12 under NBSE (Nagaland Board), SEBA (Assam Board), TBSE (Tripura Board), CISCE/ISC, WBBSE/WBCHSE, and those boards following NCERT published books.

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