BSEM Class 9 English Literature: Questions, answers, notes

English Literature Reader bsem class 9 and 10
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We have compiled solutions and summaries for all the chapters (poetry and prose) of BSEM Class 9 English Literature for students studying under the Manipur Board. To access the answers for each chapter, click on the provided link under the respective chapter.

Prose solutions
Thank You Ma’am
The Princess Who Wanted
Childhood Summer
The Taste of An Hilsa
The Rice Cakes
Poetry Solutions
Abou Ben Adhem
Coromandel Fishers
Spring the Sweet Spring
I Remember, I Remember
Night Mail
A Dawn Song

About BSEM Class 9 English Literature textbook

The textbook of Class 9 English Literature for the students of the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) aims to provide a comprehensive selection of literary works to meet the developmental and educational needs of fourteen to fifteen-year-olds.

The textbook encompasses stories and poems from both classical and contemporary authors. The carefully curated collection covers a diverse range of themes and literary styles. For example, D.H. Lawrence’s emotive tale “Adolf” explores bonds between humans and animals. Meanwhile, Langston Hughes’s “Thank You Ma’am” examines kindness and compassion. Accompanying exercises promote critical analysis and engagement.

Additional highlights include James Thurber’s imaginative narrative “The Princess Who Wanted the Moon,” which introduces storytelling craft and literary fantasy. The anthology also surveys various poetic forms and techniques.

Structurally, each chapter features introductory context, the literary text itself, annotations on vocabulary and terms, as well as a glossary. Targeted questions and activities are designed to test comprehension, cultivate analytical faculties and encourage personal responses.

Written with clarity and focus, the textbook builds literary appreciation alongside language proficiency. The broad selection of artistic works provides both aesthetic value and moral education. The anthology aims to intellectually engage and prepare young minds.

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