Dr. T. Ao: NBSE Class 9 English summary, questions, answers

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Here you will find answers to all the questions of Nagaland Board of School Education’s class 9 English chapter Dr. T. Ao. However, these notes should be used only for references and additions/modifications should be made as per the requirements.

Dr. T. Ao

Introduction: The chapter “Dr T. Ao” revolves around the life of the legendary footballer from Nagaland, Talimeren Ao, who led independent India’s first football team in the 1948 Olympics. In the chapter, we learn about his childhood, his college days, his career as a doctor and as a footballer, and get a glimpse into his family.

ll. Answer the following questions briefly.

1. Mention some of Dr. T. Ao’s impressive personality traits.

Answer: Nature had endowed Talimeren with sharp features. As an adult, he stood all of 5’10” barefooted. He also had a towering personality with a booming voice, and people who met him for the first time were always momentarily taken aback by his sheer presence. He was a refined gentleman well versed in all matters and very articulate.

2. What was the fortunate thing to have happened to Dr. T Ao? How did this help him?

Answer: Talimeren was fortunate that his football talents were recognised and constructively utilised from early childhood. He impressed not only the local people but even the American missionaries with his Football skills even when he was still at school and that talent made him a world-famous footballer.

3. Dr. T. Ao was proud to be a Naga and wanted to uphold their reputation. How do you know this?

Answer: Though Dr. T. Ao was the captain of the Cotton College team he took his I.Sc. final examination, which was crucial for him. His main concern was upholding the name and reputation of the Nagas. He was the only Naga studying science at the time, and perhaps he felt that failure in the examination would reflect badly on his people.

4. How did the Principal and the Professor of Cotton College encourage Dr T. Ao’s sporting career?

Answer: The principal and the professor of Cotton College encouraged Dr T. Ao’s sporting career by exempting him from one paper in his I.Sc. final examination and even declaring him to pass the examination much before the official declaration of the result.

5. How did Dr. T. Ao’s story of being a head hunter spread in the area?

Answer: When the Cotton College team beat the Murari Chand college by one goal in the first match and the winning goal was scored by T.Ao, the news of beating the rival team after 13 long years spread like Wildfire among the Bengali fans especially when his teammates spread the story that he was a headhunter.

6. How did Dr. T. Ao get national recognition?

Answer: Leading the first national football team at the London Olympics in 1948 was the first time that he got national recognition though he was already immensely popular as a regional footballer. Later in his life, when he was made a member of the All India Council of Sports in 1972, a member of the Indian Football Selection Committee, and an executive member of the All India Council of Sports, he also drew national attention.

7. Why was Dr. T. Ao given the title of a Barefooted Genius?

Answer: Dr. T.Ao was given the title of the “barefooted genius” because he and his team played without wearing boots and displayed outstanding talent at the London Olympics in 1948. When the team attended a press conference in London a few days later, where he was asked how did he play football without boots to which he replied that he played football and not bootball.

8. What is the lesson that we learn from Dr. T. Ao’s life?

Answer: We learn from Dr. T. Ao’s life that if we are sincere, honest, hardworking, and ready to walk an extra mile, great feats in whatever field we choose, despite obstacles. No dream is too big in front of our will.

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