NBSE Class 12 English summary, answers, notes of all chapters

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Here, you will find summaries, questions, answers, textbook solutions, pdf, extras etc. of (Nagaland Board) NBSE Class 12 English syllabus. These solutions, however, should be only treated as references and can be modified/changed. Please select the subject/chapter and proceed.

English Literature Reader
Chapter 1: A Piece of Bread
Chapter 2: Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds
Chapter 3: A Voice for Freedom
Chapter 4: Prayer Before Birth
Chapter 5: Sunshine Susan
Chapter 6: Spring and Fall
Chapter 7: The Ransom of Red Chief
Chapter 8: Self Measure in the Making of Brilliant Leaders
Chapter 9: Charge of the Light Brigade
Mark Antony’s Speech
The Canterville Ghost – Chapter 1
The Canterville Ghost – Chapter 2
The Canterville Ghost – Chapter 3
The Canterville Ghost – Chapter 4
The Canterville Ghost – Chapter 5
The Canterville Ghost – Chapter 6
The Canterville Ghost – Chapter 7

About Class 12 English textbooks

Learners today face numerous challenges, but they also have access to a wealth of resources that were not available to earlier generations. Learning a new language is a prime example of this. On the one hand, there are countless visual and auditory resources that can make language acquisition easier. On the other hand, constant exposure to incorrect language usage on social media platforms, advertising, and colloquial exchanges poses a significant challenge. The goal for teachers at the senior secondary level is to ensure that learners can comprehend the varied linguistic inputs they will face after school and express themselves accurately and fluently.

The Nagaland Board of School Education’s (NBSE) class 12 English Main Course Book (MCB) and Literature Reader (LR) help overcome some of the pedagogical challenges faced by teachers while ensuring that learners are adequately supported in their quest to improve their English language skills. The textbooks aim to develop learners’ communicative language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as study skills like vocabulary and grammar that will define the lexical and syntactic framework to express themselves correctly.

The MCB has tasks that reinforce intensive and extensive reading styles while providing ample scope to develop reading skills like skimming and scanning. It offers strategies and situations to maintain the flow of conversation as well as control its direction whether in formal or informal dialogues. The textbooks also inculcate listening skills such as prediction, deduction, and inference while providing oral comprehension content that is realistic and engaging. Additionally, the MCB focuses on the process of writing the different formats prescribed by the syllabus to ensure the learners’ proficiency in the fine art of written communication.

The NBSE Class 12 English textbooks aim for the holistic development of young minds through linguistic tasks that are contextual and relevant to twenty-first century learners. The LR offers a range of age-appropriate reading challenges that will enhance the overall linguistic competence of young learners. The overall aim is to develop the four crucial skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration, which are the tools of success for this generation.

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