Writing, grammar and composition: Class 9 to 12

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Here, you will find the formats, solutions, and explanations of writing, grammar and composition parts of English, Alternative Hindi, and Alternative English subjects of class 9 to class 12 of students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) and Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA), which follows the NCERT guidelines.

Informal letter format & sample

The format of informal letters is followed when we are writing letters to our friends and relatives. It has a simpler format comparing to the formal letter and we avoid a number of details mentioning in the letters as the recipients are familiar with us and the letter would not be stored as documentary evidence to serve any purpose.

Informal letter format/sample (English)Informal letter format/sample (Hindi)

Formal letter format & sample

Formal letters, unlike the informal letters, carry a number of additional details and have a stricter format. We should be very particular to whom we are addressing the letters as in a corporate or any organisational structure, there are a number of persons and being particular avoids any confusion as well as enable us to reach the person at once. The language should also be quite different compared to the format of informal letters and we should avoid asking any personal queries as well as provide details about us only to the extent of the purpose of the letters.

Formal letter format/sample

Newspaper report writing format & sample

A newspaper report can be related to any topic starting from the report of the Annual Programme in your school to a fire incident in a nearby community. But whatever the subject may be, every report usually follows a specific format comprising of a heading, byline, date, place, and the information about the event/incident. The information about the event/incident should be structured in such a way that if a reader only reads the introductory paragraph, he/she understands the maximum idea of it. We’ve provided more details about newspaper report writing along with the format and an example.

Newspaper report format/sample

Paragraph writing and sample

Several related sentences form a paragraph. In prose work, you can expect several paragraphs on each page. Paragraphing makes it easier for the reader to follow and grasp the argument. Just one main point should be discussed in each paragraph. Every sentence contributes to the whole and relates to the central idea. There is a clear progression from one paragraph to the next, and all of the ideas make sense. The ability to craft effective paragraphs is a fine art that can be applied in many settings beyond the realm of composition writing, as we have seen.

Paragraph writing sample

Essay writing format and sample

Essay writing is the process of creating a structured piece of writing on a specific topic. It involves research, analysis, argument formation, and effective communication. Essays typically include an introduction, body paragraphs each focusing on a separate point, and a conclusion, summarizing the argument.

Essay format and sample

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