Newspaper report writing format

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This newspaper report writing format, as the name suggests, is only for reference for the students of class 9 and class 10 studying under SEBA and NBSE. In exams, you need to keep the format in mind and write the reports in accordance with the subjects asked.

newspaper report writing format
Newspaper report format

The newspaper report should have these parts:

i. The headline

The headline is the most import part of the report. The headline should give the reader an almost complete idea of what the report is about. Don’t make it too long.

ii. The byline

The byline is nothing but the name of the author or the reporter who is filing the report. In your case, write your name. It comes after the headline.

iii. Place

The place is where you are sitting while writing the report. If you are sitting in Kolkata and writing about something that happened in Mumbai, you should just use Kolkata and not Mumbai.

iv. Date

The date is the date on which the report is being written. Keep the date format like this- ‘January 20.’ No need to use the year. Spell out the name of the month. Use a colon (:) after the date and start writing the introduction.

v. Introduction

The introducing paragraph should explain to the readers what the event is all about. Most of the readers just read this paragraph and leave. So make sure you include what happened, where, how, and when.

v. Body

After you’ve mentioned the basics in the introduction, the readers who are interested would like more details about the event, so he’ll read the body. The body should include more details about the event. If someone is talking something, it should be mentioned here. The body can be more than one paragraph.

vi. Conclusion.

The conclusion is a small paragraph where you can mention what is expected in future, or what happened in the past relating to the event, or it can be anything. The motive of the conclusion is to give the report a proper closure so that the report shouldn’t sound like it ended suddenly.

Take a look at this sample and observe:

Question: Write a report for your school magazine about the recently held annual function.

Solution: Keep it in a rectangular box

17th Annual Function of AHS School Held

Ron’e Dutta
DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 8: The 17th Annual Function of AHS School was held on Saturday at the school auditorium in the presence of Education Minister of Nagaland, Temjen Imna Along as the special guest, in which prizes were distributed to all the students who performed excellently in their examinations.

Speaking on the occasion, Along said that the examinations are there to prepare the students for the future where they are going to face big responsibilities. He said that the future of the state and the country rests on the shoulders of the students and therefore they should give their best.

He congratulated the students who received the prizes and encouraged those who didn’t win a prize that they are no less than others and if they give their best, they can be at the forefront too.

The principal of the school, Ritam Pandit, said that the students have been doing great results and urged them to continue. He asked the teachers too to keep on doing the good work.

A total of 25 students from different classes received the prizes.

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  1. Atharva Khadke

    Wish these were my school teachers then I would get full in my examinations .This is the most easy to understand report that I have read in my exam time . Hope the creators will give solutions of NCERT but more simple . So “break a leg” and do wonders in making this site interesting.

  2. Thanks to these, Could you clarify more on the PLACE

    Editor’s response
    Write the name of the place where you are sitting and writing the report. For example, you are writing a report sitting in Dimapur about an incident that happened in Mumbai. In that case, the place should you use is “Dimapur”.

  3. plzz make a app in which all subjects are including and classes notes for ex.
    Science , Islamiyah, Hindi, geography
    and plzz only written notes no tutorial only practical tutorial’s
    plzz request , and by the way this was also helpful (and if you do plzz do a separate section for Cambridge system syllabus)

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