Paragraph writing: How to write a good paragraph in your exams

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In this article, we discuss what paragraph writing is, what makes a good paragraph, and how to write a good paragraph, and have also given an example. This article should only be used as a reference by students.

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What is a paragraph?

A paragraph is a group of sentences that are all about the same thing. Each page of a prose book will have a few paragraphs. The reader can follow the argument and understand it better if it is broken up into paragraphs. Each paragraph should only talk about one idea. Each sentence adds to the whole, and each sentence has something to do with the main idea. All of the ideas are presented in a logical order in the different paragraphs. As we’ve seen, writing good paragraphs is a fine art that can be used in many ways during the composition writing process.

Note for students: When writing a paragraph in your exams, you need to write just one paragraph, not more. So, don’t write them like an essay with multiple paragraphs.

Characteristics of a well-written paragraph

A well-written paragraph needs to meet these four main characteristics:

i. Unity: The sentences in each paragraph are related to each other and develop the topic well. Even though the main idea of the paragraph is stated in a single sentence, all of the other sentences are linked to it. They show and emphasise that idea even more.

ii. Order: The second thing a good paragraph need is this. The way its sentences are put together is meant to make its main point clear. When putting together a paragraph about an event, the sentences should be put in order of when they happened. Organisation is one of the keys to writing that makes sense and is easy to read.

iii. Mixture: The third basic requirement of a paragraph is this. Change the structure and content of your sentences. Formats and topics should be varied. The variety of sentences makes the paragraph more beautiful, impressive, and interesting.

iv. Length: The length of a paragraph is not something that has to be strictly controlled, but it is an essential part of making sure that a paragraph is well-written. It’s important to remember that no ideas, words, phrases, etc. should be repeated in a paragraph.

Example/specimen of paragraph writing

Q. Write a paragraph on ‘honesty’.


To be honest, you have to be fair, do what’s right, tell the truth, and be sincere. A person is honest if everything he says, thinks, and does is true. He never thinks of anything that isn’t true or honest. His reasoning is always sincere, honest, and not based on lies. Again, he or she always says the truth, even if it hurts. They would never lie or cheat for their own benefit. On the other hand, he or she must stick to the truth, even if it means giving up a chance to get something for themselves. Lastly, a person who is honest would never be bad or unfair. His or her actions are fair, just, and unbiased. Sincerity is a gift from God. If you choose to be honest, you are definitely closer to God. As a result, he is blessed in every way by the Almighty. His enemies won’t be able to hurt him no matter how hard they try. In a world where morals aren’t always clear, being honest is a person’s greatest strength. Honesty may cause trouble in the beginning, but in the long run, it brings gains, honour, and God’s blessings. There are many stories that show how important it is, to be honest. You can use the story of the honest woodcutter as an example. It is true that being honest is the best thing to do.

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