The Ogress & the Two Orphans: NBSE class 9 Alternative English

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Get notes, questions, answers, solutions, Assam, pdf, extras of NBSE class 9 Alternative English chapter, The Ogress and the Two Orphans. However, these notes should be used only for references and additions/modifications should be made as per the requirements.

The Ogress & the Two Orphans: NBSE class 9 Alternative English

SUMMARY of the story The Ogress and the Two Orphans: This folk story is from the Chakesang and the Angami tribes. The story The Ogress and the Two Orphans is about two orphan brothers who lost their parents when they were very young. They decided to trap animals and birds to sustain themselves. A few years later, they saw that the animals and birds in their traps were missing their heads. Something was eating off the heads of the animals and leaving the bodies intact.

They decided to find out what it was and discovered that it was actually an ugly-looking ogress. But before they could harm her, she did a magical spell. The brothers started to see the ogress as a good-looking woman of loving nature. She told them that she was their relative and took them to her village, crossing a big river with the help of her charm. They lived within the house of the ogress and her husband and were not allowed to go out. They were also made to sleep separately at night. The older brother believed in the ogress but the younger brother had doubts.

One night, the younger brother overheard the ogre and the ogress talking about how they would eat the brothers after they got a bit fat. The ogre didn’t want to wait, but the ogress asked him to wait. He told the older brother about this the next day, but he didn’t believe it. They, however, changed their places of sleeping and the older brother slept that night in place of the younger brother to hear the conversation of the ogre and ogress. On the first night, he could hear nothing, but when they did the same thing the second night, he could hear them talking about eating them.

The two brothers decided to run away as soon as the ogre and the ogress went to the field the next day. They stole all the charms of the ogre and ran away. They used one of the charms to part the river and cross it. The ogre and ogress tried to catch them but failed. The villagers were very happy to see the brothers back, as they thought they were killed by the ogre and the ogress. In the wake of their safe return, the entire village was overjoyed and they celebrated “Deliverance Day.”

I. Explain with reference to context.

1. This was proved when one night the younger boy, in the room of the ogress, overheard the conversations between the ogress and her husband.

a. What was proved?
b. What happened in the conversation that the younger brother overheard?
c. Did the younger brother tell the older one what he overheard?

Answer: a. The ogress claimed that she was a relative of the two boys. The elder brother had complete faith in her but the younger brother had some doubts. He doubted that they were not related to her and her intention was evil. That night what the younger brother thought was proven right.

b. The younger brother overheard the conversation between the ogress and her husband about eating them up. He first thought that the old woman was talking in her sleep but when the truth dawned upon him his hair stood on end and he could not get a wink of sleep that whole night.

c. Yes, the younger brother did tell the older one what he overheard.

ll. Answer these questions briefly.

1. How did the Ogress alter the boys’ perception of her with a magical spell?

Answer: The old woman appeared with unkempt and dishevelled hair, biting off the heads of the birds in the trap, leaving the bodies intact. Initially, the boys were frightened to see the clumsy and untidy look of the ogress, but she cast a magical spell on the two brothers. Under the influence of the magical spell, they found her good-looking and of a loving nature. She made them believe that she was a relative of theirs and had been looking for them for a long time. Thus, with a magical spell, the ogress altered the boy’s perception of her.

2. Does the ‘fattening’ of the boys remind you of a similar incident in a fairy tale from another part of the world? Can you recall the story?

Answer: Yes, the ‘fattening’ of the boys in the story The Ogress and the Two Orphans remind us of the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel.’

Hansel and Gretel were brother and sister who were left in the woods by their father and stepmother. After they could not find their way back home, they found a hut in the jungle that was made of gingerbread, chocolate, and candies. They were hungry and started eating. The hut belonged to a witch who grabbed the children and put Hansel into a cage. She forced Gretel to do the work of the house. The witch wanted to fatten Hansel before eating him, so she tried to force-feed him. But every time the witch tried to know how fat Hansel had grown by touching his fingers, Hansel would throw a stick. The witch had poor eyesight, so she could not see properly. One day, she decided to eat Hansel without waiting anymore and asked Gretel to check if the oven is hot enough. Gretel pretended like she didn’t understand what the witch was saying. The witch tried to show Gretel how to check the oven by going near it. At that time, Gretel pushed the witch into the fire, and both the children ran away from the house. They were later reunited with their father, who was looking for them.

III. Answer these questions.

1. Explain the phenomenon of the ‘missing heads’. Does this provide the reader with clues to guess the direction of the story?

Answer: The two brothers used to trap animals and birds for food. After a few years, the boys noticed a peculiar phenomenon in which the heads of the trapped birds were missing. They were curious about this and decided to catch the culprit red-handed. They were prepared to put up a fight against whoever or whatever was responsible for the missing heads.

Yes, the phenomenon provides the reader with clues that a threat or danger is waiting for the two boys in the near future.

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