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Charge of the Light Brigade: NBSE, BSEM English answers, notes

Charge of the Light Brigade..

Here, you will find a summary, line by line explanation, extras, pdf, questions and answers to the chapter/poem “Charge of the Light Brigade”.

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The poem Charge of the Light Brigade describes the story of a brigade of 600 soldiers that rode on horseback for half a league into the “valley of death”. An order was given to charge the enemy forces who were seizing their guns.

Despite knowing that their commander had blundered, there was no one discouraged or disheartened. According to the military, soldiers must obey and not respond… As a result, the horsemen  rode  into the “valley of death.”

Several cannon shells were fired upon the 600 soldiers on both sides and in front of them. Nevertheless, they rode bravely into their own deaths: “Into the jaws of Death / Into the mouth of  Hell / Rode the Six Hundred.”

In awe, the world watched as soldiers struck the enemy gunners with their unsheathed swords (“sabres bare”) and charged forward. The Cossacks and Russians were annihilated as they rode into the smoke of artillery and broke through the enemy line. Afterwards, they rode back from the offensive, but they had lost many men and were no longer “the six hundred.”

The soldiers were fired upon from behind and on both sides by cannons. Only a few soldiers and horses survived as the brigade rode “back from the mouth of hell.” Their bravery stunned the world at the time; indeed, the poem Charge of the Light Brigade relates that these noble 600 men are still worthy of adulation today because of their bravery.

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