NBSE Class 12 Political Science: Syllabus, answers, notes

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Here, you will find summaries, questions, answers, textbook solutions, pdf, extras etc. of (Nagaland Board) NBSE Class 12 Political Science syllabus. These solutions, however, should be only treated as references and can be modified/changed. Please select the subject/chapter and proceed.

world map, illustrating NBSE Class 12 political science
Section A: Indian Polity
Chapter 1: Challenges of Nation Building
Chapter 2: Party System
Chapter 3: Era of One Party Dominance
Chapter 4: Politics of Planned Development
Chapter 5: Crisis of Constitutional Order
Chapter 6: Interest and Pressure Groups
Chapter 7: Recent Developments in Indian Politics
Chapter 8: India’s External Relations
Section B: Contemporary World Politics
Chapter 9: Cold War
Chapter 10: End of Bi-polarity: Disintegration of the Soviet Union
Chapter 11: US Dominance in World Politics
Chapter 12: Alternative Centres of Economic and Political Power
Chapter 13: South Asia in the Post Cold War Era
Chapter 14: International Organisation in a Unipolar World
Chapter 15: Security in Contemporary World
Chapter 16: Globalisation

About NBSE Class 12 (Arts) Political Science textbook

The Nagaland Board of School Education’s (NBSE) Political Science textbook for Class 12 students is divided into two sections: Indian Polity and Contemporary World Politics.

The Indian Polity section has eight chapters that cover various topics such as the challenges of nation-building, the party system, and the politics of planned development. The section includes a chapter on the crisis of constitutional order, which discusses the Declaration of Emergency in 1975 and the lessons learned from this event. Another chapter focuses on recent developments in Indian politics, including the expansion of the BJP and the challenges faced by opposition parties.

The Contemporary World Politics section looks at the reasons behind major events in world politics. For example, it examines the collapse of the Soviet Union and the impact it had on global politics. The section also includes a chapter on India’s strategic trade authorization status and another on the Brexit decision.

The book includes chapters on Pakistan’s political situation, the United Nations’ changing role, and the inevitability of globalization. The use of pictures and photos from leading publications makes the material more engaging and complete.

The Political Science textbook and syllabus aim to provide a more practical and relevant learning experience to Class 12 students. The inclusion of current events and the use of pictures and photos make the material engaging and complete. The syllabus provides a good balance between Indian Polity and Contemporary World Politics, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

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