NBSE Class 10 Alternative English notes

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We have provided solutions and summaries of all the chapters of NBSE Class 10 Alternative English under the categories “prose”, “poetry” and “biography” for students studying under Nagaland Board. Click on the link mentioned under each chapter to get the answers of that chapter.

However, these notes should be used only for references. These materials should be modified/changed as per the needs.

NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: The Fragrance of the Gods

PROSE: In The Fragrance of Gods, Toshi Langu recollects the adventures he had in this mini-memoir about his carefree childhood days in a village on the |apukong Range. Toshi’s home was located amidst a jungle, where he and his friends spent most of their time playing. They climbed trees and swung from branch to branch, ate fruits and nuts and behaved more like apes than children. The sighting of a vehicle was a rare event that the children excitedly waited for every day.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: Man Against Virus

PROSE: As a biologist, Louis Pasteur had discovered the vaccine for anthrax and chicken cholera. He was interested in preparing a vaccine against rabies as well since it caused an extremely painful death in human beings bitten by rabies-infected dogs. He conducted a series of experiments, to locate the germ that caused rabies in animals. In chapter Man Against Virus, we will learn about the situations he and his team had to go through to develop the vaccine.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: Speech by Severn Suzuki

PROSE: In the speech by Severn Suzuki, she talks about the concern of children for the global ecological crisis brought on by adults in their bid to modernize the world. The present generation of children is, perhaps, the first to see the extent of the damage done to the environment and to realise that the effects cannot be repaired/reversed. The situation is serious; many species of animals and plants are already extinct, having lost their struggle for survival in polluted air and water. The only solution would be to stop exploiting the delicate ecological balance.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: In Celebration of Being Alive

PROSE: Dr Barnard begins the essay ‘In Celebration of Being Alive’ by saying that he could not understand the purpose of suffering. He provides a general idea of the number of children who die or are ill physically or mentally. As a doctor, he was particularly moved by the suffering of sick children because they believed that doctors could cure them and accepted their illness and suffering. His anguish changed to the appreciation of life when he saw two children in a children’s hospital racing in a food trolley as if it were a car.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: The Ambitious Guest

PROSE: The story begins with a cozy family sitting around a hearth. The opening scene is important because it comfortably described the proximity of the dangers and comforts dwelling together on the side of the mountains. The house was in sharp contrast with its surrounding. Inside the warm house lived the family happy and each member contributed to the forming of happiness, and yet they lived in a place where they could die anytime because of tumbling rocks. The opening scene was the beginning of a string of ironies that the story would follow.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: To Sleep

POETRY: In this poem To Sleep by William Wordsworth personifies sleep, addressing it as the mother of good health and new thoughts. He asks it to bring him the rest he needs during the night to enjoy the blessings of each new day. He had not been able to sleep for two nights. He lies in bed imagining different sights, both small and big, and sounds, both soft and loud, hoping to be able to sleep thereby.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: Prayer of the Meek

POETRY: The reference to the meek in the title of the poem ‘Prayer of the Meek’ is from the Bible which says ‘blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.’ This poem is in the form of a prayer to God, the Lord of all creation. On behalf of her countrymen, the poet asks God to be merciful to His people who have tried to follow His commands as best as they humanly can by offering the other cheek instead of fighting back when enemies have struck them.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: Closed Path

POETRY: In the poem ‘Closed Path’, the poet looks inwards and thinks he has reached the end of his ability to do anything more because he is drained of creative energy. He thinks that, perhaps, his writing days are over; that, perhaps, he should wait quietly for the end of his days too. As the poem progresses, the poet looks towards God and tells Him that His will was still working out His purpose in his life. He feels inspired to compose music when he thought he had lost his ability to write.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: Old Folks Laugh

POETRY: The poem is a tribute to the positive attitude that elderly people develop towards life. It is a realistic image of them laughing aloud without worrying about how they look when they laugh. Now they do not care what people think of them though there was a time when they did. They do have their troubles when they knit their brow with worry and put on a false, bright smile to cover their anxiety. But when they remember happy times, they laugh with no restraint, with no pretence of maintaining an appearance.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English: The Diary of a Young Girl

BIOGRAPHY: In 1940, Hitler attacked the Netherlands and his Nazi party took control of the country. The Frank family knew they were no longer safe. Imprisonment and death would become their reality soon if they did not act fast. In 1942, the Franks shifted into their hiding place- the ‘secret Annex’. Life in hiding was filled with many difficulties. Sensitive and intelligent, thirteen-year-old Anne Frank started recording her daily experiences, thoughts and emotions in a diary. ln 1945, when Anne was fifteen, someone betrayed the Franks and they were all arrested. Anne Frank died in 1945 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, was the only one to survive the war. He published her diary in 1947.

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NBSE Class 10 Alternative English Grammar solutions

The grammar and writings section of the NBSE Class 10 Alternative English has a number of topics and each topic includes a number of exercises. Attempts have been made to provide error-free solutions to the exercise questions of each lesson. However, they are always subject to corrections if any error is noticed.

Solutions of Degrees of Comparision

Solutions of Conjunctions

Solutions of Prepositions

Solutions of Active and Passive Voices

Solutions of Clauses

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