NBSE Class 10 English: Questions, answers, extras

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We have provided solutions and summaries of all the chapters of NBSE Class 10 English under the categories “prose,” “poetry,” and “drama” for students studying under the Nagaland Board. Click on the link mentioned under each chapter to get the answers of that chapter. However, the given notes and solutions should only be used for references and should be modified or changed according to needs.

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Mehouviu and Morusa
Imitating the English Gentleman
Death the Leveller
The Windhover
The Listeners
Riders to the Sea
Grammar Worksheet
Worksheet I
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Worksheet V
Worksheet VI
Comprehension I
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Comprehension III
Comprehension IV
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Comprehension VI

About NBSE Class 10 English textbooks

The NBSE Class 10 English textbook contains many interesting chapters. There are stories, poems, and a play. By reading them, students can improve their English skills.

The first prose chapter is a Naga folktale called ‘Mehouviu and Morusa’. It is about a young warrior named Morusa and a girl named Mehouviu, who were supposed to get married. But a mistake by Morusa led to Mehouviu’s death. The next chapter, ‘Imitating the English Gentleman’, is about Mahatma Gandhi’s experiences in London as a law student. He struggled to fit in with the English people there.

‘Invictus’ is about Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa. It shows how he united people of different races in South Africa. Another prose lesson is ‘Macbeth’. It summarises the story of Shakespeare’s famous play.

Some of the poetry chapters are ‘Jina-Etiben, A Romance Retold’, ‘Death the Leveller’, ‘The Listeners’, and ‘The Windhover’. ‘Jina-Etiben’ is based on an Ao legend about two legendary lovers. ‘Death the Leveller’ reminds us that death comes to everyone equally. ‘The Listeners’ describes a traveller unsuccessfully trying to get someone to open the door of a house on a moonlit night. ‘The Windhover’ compares the beauty of a bird in flight to Christ’s love.

The play ‘Riders to the Sea’ tells the sad story of a woman named Maurya who loses her husband, sons, and father-in-law to the sea. She tries to stop her last remaining son, Bartley, from going to sea, but fails. There are also grammar worksheets that explain English grammar concepts and have exercises.

By studying this textbook, students can enhance their reading, writing, grammar, and comprehension skills. They also learn about different cultures and values. The prose, poetry, and drama make the textbook interesting. Students get exposure to both modern and classic English literature. This helps build their appreciation for the language. 

The NBSE Class 10 English textbook is very helpful for students’ overall development.

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