SEBA Class 10 Social Science: Questions, answers, notes, extras, pdf

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SEBA Class 10 Social Science

Get, in English Medium, notes, textbook solutions, questions, answers, extras, MCQs, PDF of Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) Class 10 Social Science chapters which comprise of four sections, i.e., History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics.

Social science refers to any area of study that focuses on people, how they interact with each other and the rest of the world, and how these interactions produce changes in society over time. In terms of its history, social science first emerged as a formal field in the 18th century when philosophers started using empirical methods to study humanity and human behaviours. Modern social science includes several different areas such as political science, geography, economics, and cultural studies and takes a scientific approach to analyze human behaviour in order to predict future trends or influence current events.

SEBA Class 10 Social Science: History

Chapter 1Partition of Bengal and Swadeshi Movement
Chapter 2Rise of Gandhi and the Freedom Movement of India
Chapter 3Anti-British Rising and Peasant Revolts in Assam
Chapter 4Indian Freedom Movement and National Awakening in Assam
Chapter 5Cultural Heritage of India and North East Region

In social science, history means something different than it does in popular use. While most people understand history as referring to a sequence of events—such as wars, political shifts and other major events—social scientists employ a different definition. For them, history is defined as not only past events but also patterns that emerge over time: for example, what people value and why those values change over time or how certain products or fads tend to follow similar trajectories. In other words, social science tries to reveal what’s behind our most recent experiences—and why we act as we do. The goal of using historical patterns is to inform future actions based on real data rather than assumptions about our behaviours and culture.

SEBA Class 10 Social Science: Geography

Chapter 1Economic Geography – Subject Matter and Resource
Chapter 2Environment and Environmental Problems
Chapter 3Geography of the World
Chapter 4Geography of Assam

Geography is a branch of science that deals with the description and analysis of landforms, climates, natural resources, population density and other factors that influence human activity or development. Geography also deals with patterns of human migration. Most modern geography incorporates a variety of natural sciences as well as social sciences, but it’s primarily concerned with establishing relationships between location and any form of human behaviour. As an example, figuring out how people respond to certain climate patterns or how economic development influences population densities can provide information on where to site a new factory.

SEBA Class 10 Social Science: Political Science

Chapter 1Indian Democracy
Chapter 2International Organization-the United Nations Organization and Others

The study of political science covers everything from world politics to local government. This field of study is often associated with policy and government agencies, such as city and state planning offices. Political scientists are frequently tasked with coming up with solutions to real-world problems. Political scientists may also work in nongovernmental organizations or private companies that focus on international affairs or governmental issues.

SEBA Class 10 Social Science: Econimics

Chapter 1Money and Banking
Chapter 2Economic Development

The study of Economics is all about political science. The use of social sciences has led to many new discoveries in economics. Governments and other organizations need a proper understanding of Economics to be able to make informed decisions on how to allocate resources or where they should allocate their efforts. It provides insight into how societies can manage themselves so that everyone benefits, as well as predicts future trends and issues that may arise.

Importance of SEBA Class 10 Social Science as a subject

Imagine that you are standing on top of a tall building and you want to jump down. If you have no idea of what lies below, then chances are, you will fall. In case there is water below, your chances of survival will increase because you know what to expect. However, if there are hard objects such as rocks or brick below, then jumping would be incredibly dangerous. The same logic applies in social science — if we study political science and economics (how politics and economics affect an individual), it helps us understand how society functions and how individuals behave accordingly. It basically gives us a fair idea about everything around us (from events at international levels to domestic concerns) — knowing these fields allows us to predict certain outcomes which allow us to make educated decisions.

Most of us don’t really understand why we’re studying what we’re studying. In truth, you probably won’t either, at least not for a few years. But learning about social science in high school can lead to some interesting conversations down the road – and it may just give you a better perspective on your own life, too.

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